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Back exercises are important to prevent back pain

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Workouts and doing regular exercises is one of the best ways to stay fit and healthy. Proper exercise regime under a certified trainer can help you achieve great fitness levels. Because of extensive and longer working hours many people tend to suffer from back pain, which ultimately affects their day to day life. They are advised to do mild exercises at home to improve their health conditions. Regular back exercises can be of great help and can play a vital role in rehabilitation of back muscles.


 Most of the times people tend to keep away from back exercises in case of severe pain resulting into stiffness, weakness and poor mobility. In short lack of activity and exercise can actually make the pain worse. Many doctors recommend mild yoga or exercises with medicines for longer pain relief. With a stronger back day to day activities become much easier and you can enjoy your life without any pain. A group of back muscles are responsible for actions like flexibility, extension, rotation, retraction and elevation of shoulder muscles. Same group of muscles are responsible for proper human body posture. For the rehabilitation of these muscles people with back pain are required to do some low-impact or light warm up exercises at home

An intense back exercise regime include lifting of very heavy weights repetitively for couple of times, whereas a mild exercise regime includes back exercises like stretching, strengthening and low-impact aerobic conditioning. Stretching is very important for handling daily activities and is generally associated with chronic pain and progressive stiffness. People with back pain will find it difficult initially stretching their spine and soft tissues, but will realize that increase in motion gives long-term and sustained relief from back ache. Similarly strengthening exercises are important to prevent future reoccurrences of back pain. It includes partial sit-ups to strengthen lower body muscles. Aerobic conditioning exercises are very important and people who practice them daily face less back pain problems in life. And, even if they suffer from it the level of pain will be much reduced as compared to people who are not aerobically fit. It is always suggested to exercise daily in order to stay fit and live a healthy long life.


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