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Context Menu Item Copy Text File Clipboard

by maddyacca

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We can do it with the help of little registry hacking and clip.exe which is built in windows 7 and Vista. If you want to save the space then just hide it behind the Shift + Right-Click menu and hold down the shift key.Using the Copy to Clipboard Hack.Right click on the text file while pressing the  Shift key , then you will see the new option of “Copy to Clipboard”.Here you can see the information on the  clipboard  for pasting in to your desired application.If you are using windows XP then you should down load clip.exe from Microsoft and then save the file to windows directory and remaining hack will work for you.Manual Registry Hack (for .txt files)Click on the Start button then write regedit.exe in the search box and then search the following key.HKEY_CLASSES_ROOT\txtfile\shell.

 Every file type in the registry has shell key with the list of actions for the file. So you can create new key like “copytoclip” so the shell for this will be “command”. Here you need to set the default value of “copytoclip” for use like “Copy Contents to Clipboard” after this set the default value for “command” like this:Cmd /c clip < "%1".Here we are just running the command prompt and then set the file into the clip.exe. We can also do it with command prompt. You can do this procedure with html or code files by finding key in registry and add same items to the menu.Downloadable Registry Hack.You just need to download CopyContentsToClipboardTXT.reg and extract it then double click on it to the clipboard. With the help of RemoveCopyContentsToClipboard.reg file you can remove hacks. The important thing is to hold down the shift key while right click on the text file.

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