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Tips for Creating a Law Firm Marketing Campaign

by liyo89

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With new lawyer websites popping up every day and big firms as well as single office attorneys are turning to the Internet to get their message out to those who need their services. If you are reading this you might be either a partner in a large firm, a lawyer about start your career, or a person working in human resources at a firm whose job it is to find out how to connect with prospects. Keep reading - you'll get a bit of useful information that you can bring to the next meeting - be the guru with the Internet   law firm marketing    knowledge!

First, you need to have a lawyer website that work WITH Google. What does that mean? Well, Google has a set of rules that you must follow, and even though this is pretty hard to believe, most website designers do not know these rules. In fact, MOST of the  lawyer websites   I see break the rules and suffer from low traffic, poor rank, and low conversion rates. 

Just to clarify something, there's a big difference between a website designer and an SEO expert. A    lawyer SEO   expert is more of an Internet marketing guru - more of a web developer - and although they can have a keen eye for design, they're specialty is building rank and helping you, or the business they're serving, make money. 

Here are the tips I promised:
1. Create a good landing pages that have your main phrases in place. (call me if you need a clear explanation:  212-960-8584)
2. Include your phrases in the meta descriptions, page titles, and URL sub folders.
3. Have website images that clearing show what type of law you practice and write a good 35 word blurb for each landing page. (You want the visitor to know in the first 8 seconds that they are in the right place, and images and shorts blurbs can accomplish this for you.)
4. Write several articles every week, and submit them to high quality article bases to get good backlinks to your new landing pages. (this requires further explanation. Please call:  212-960-8584)
5. Create a law firm blog and update it with valuable information on a weekly basis. 

Once you have a website that is attractive to the search engines and your designed clientele, you'll begin to see a wave of new clients and revenue. Hope this helps:

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