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Contact A Celebrity For Endorsements or Charity

by celebritynook

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How to contact a celebrity for a charity, is often asked my many. Contacting celebrities for charity events, birthday parties, private appearances and donations has never been easier.  In the past, navigating the complexity of the Hollywood entertainment industry was very difficult at best.  Now celebrities are supplementing their already lucrative salaries with side endorsements and private appearances.  An A-list celebrity like Mariah Carey can make $1 million for showing up to a birthday party and singing a few songs. 

The key to getting a celebrity to show up to your charity event or red carpet party is to get an address and phone number to their agent, manager, or publicity firm. For years there have been publications to get celebrity addresses, but the problem is that they are usually out-of-date by the time they go to print and they are also costly.  But Celebrity Nook is changing that all because not only are the celebrity addresses and phone numbers 100% accurate or your money back, the contacts only cost $5 each. 

The team at Celebrity Nook has over 20 years experience in the main stream entertainment industry, and have assistants that work in the world’s top talent agencies and PR firms, so the celebrity database is real-time and up to date. 

Getting a celebrity to come to your fundraiser can result in millions of dollars in additional revenue.  So while it may cost $1 million to get the celebrity there, an additional $10 million could be raised.  Having celebrities go to New Year’s Eve parties is as positive too.  With some popular celebrities like JLo, Lady Gaga or Paris Hilton arriving at the event, then tickets can be sold for hundreds of dollars each.  In short, the right celebrity appearance can bring worldwide attention to your event.

The key to success with celebrity endorsements is to do homework.  You can’t just contact any celebrity randomly because a certain cause may be near and dear to the celebrity’s heart, so be stringent in your administration. But celebs don’t just go to high-profile events, for wealthy families who can foot the bill, some have Grammy-winning singers come to a birthday party.  And eager parents fly celebrities all over the planet on private jets to make them happy. 

For more information about contacting your favorite celebrity and to learn who represents who, go to