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Need Something but Can't Grab It? Select an Appropriate Pick

by irmametaxas

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If you've ever seen the old Star Wars trilogy, you would most likely know that Luke Skywalker's hand was substituted with a bionic arm after Darth Vader hacked it off. Despite the fact that this technology is still light years away, you'll be amazed to know that people today use a tool that wields capabilities that can compete with Luke Skywalker's prosthetic hand. Think of a superhuman hand enhanced with Mr. Fantastic's stretching capabilities--that's a grabbing gadget.

Almost everyone has lived through that sense of being powerless every time objects are out of reach. But with the type of grappling implements we have, you'll never have to worry about these things again. These days, you don't need to strain yourself when grabbing the remote control, or run the risk of falling from a ladder when filling the bird feeder. And these are just a handful of its uses; depending on the type, grabber devices can make your life simpler in a lot of ways.

The Grappler

The Grappler is a grabbing device at its simplest. It is constructed from aluminum and has claw-like protuberances at its tip. The handle is fitted with a trigger-like feature and if you squeeze it, the pincers at the other end will shut. You can use this tool to seize hard-to-reach things, taking away the need to strain yourself or rely on a step ladder in the future.

The Handler

The Handler is another variety of grabber tool whose chief function is to reduce the need for bending over and lift up buckets. The Handler is basically a clamp which has a handgrip that you can attach to pails to make ergonomically-friendly rubbish receptacles. If you buddy it up together with the Grappler, you can easily grab trash and tuck it into the trash receptacle without needing to bend over and eventually injure your vertebral column.

The Bag Opener

Imagine yourself tidying up after a picnic. You're going to need to use a large garbage bag, however ensuring it stays wide open is going to be difficult if you're doing it alone. But with the help of bag openers, it shouldn't be that hard to keep the mouth of the bag open; it even has a handle to transport the bag-- then you can make use of your trash grabber tool to load it with rubbish.

The Gain Cane

Imagine a tool that is both a reaching tool and a stick simultaneously. Gain Canes are primarily Grapplers. However, Gain Canes are built stronger and are devised specifically to be used as a walking cane by those who are in need of it. These days, you no longer need to stress your bones when bending over, getting up, or grabbing things.

One well-known kind of grabber tools is the Gopher pick up tool -- but before you invest in one, spare some time to weigh its features against other models on the market. For additional suggestions, you can log on to

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