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Fixing a Shower Drain is Just a Call Away with the Services

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Do you own a beautiful luxurious house in out-skirts of the Staten Island city and face irreparable plumbing issues periodically? Well hold on, all your worries may get easily ward off with a single call to plumbers in Staten Island. Juggling with minor plumbing problems is the issue of every home or office frequently; to resolve it, what we do is try to fix it ourselves. But a day comes when this minor problem becomes grave and disturbs our routine life, forcing us to take serious actions against it.


The most disturbing example to this pathetic situation is the continuous leaking of the shower drains. Shower is the important accessory of every bathroom and its leak would turn out to be the miserable one. There are innumerable reasons behind the shower drain leakage. The most vital one is the leakage in the drain pipe due to minor breakage or damage. If you are witnessing this problem, then it is high time to get it repaired through the skilled plumbers in Staten Island.


Let us know some basic steps on how to maintain and repair the shower drain at home before you seek help from a plumbing company.


  • Once the exact problem to shower drainage is assessed, the first important thing that you need to do is to gather all the required material for shower repair. The basic requirement for shower drainage repair is metal pan, drywall saw, flathead screwdriver, repairing kit, gloves, pliers and safety glasses.


  • After you are through with the requirement kit, check out the draining point in the shower portion. Take the help of the funnel to ascertain the problem. Pour a huge quantity of water into the drain area and check the exact point of leakage.


  • When you had found the right place of leakage, next step would be to check the plane attached to the shower area. Minutely check the shower drain pipe for leakage location.


  • Once you have reached the problematic area, cover it with the cloth dab and get yourself ready with the plumbing equipment. Wear safety glove and glasses.


  • Make use of the drywall saw and cut down the panel to reach to the shower. Clear the clogged area by cutting down the damaged part and fix it with new part and reassemble the shower panel exactly the same way.


This how you may repair the shower drain by yourself, however, if you still think you may not able to do it, browse online and check the list of plumbers in Staten Island and give a call to the one, who falls within your area!

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