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Be a Bathing Beauty for a Fraction of the Price

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Getting a tan is a great way to help boost self-esteem, and have others take notice.


Brown, golden skin makes people think of tropical beaches, fruity drinks with umbrellas, and being out in the sun. Tanning lotion is the essential item to have handy when going to the salon or spending a day at the beach.


Although tanning will get that golden glow that people love, it can come at a price. Direct exposure from the sun can create damage to essential skin cells. Tanning lotion and indoor tanning lotions help protect the skin from harmful and damaging rays from the sun. Not only do these products help tan the skin, they also offer many health benefits. Many tanning lotions offer moisturizing ingredients to help keep the skin hydrated and healthy. Skin that is well care for through washing, scrubbing and moisturizing will tan darker and the tan will last longer. Indoor tanning lotions have several ingredients to keep the skin supple and healthy, such as vitamins, aloe vera, and natural oils. The downside to not having healthy well cared for skin is that it will dry and peel heavily after tanning. When the skin peels and flakes the tan will fade much quicker and not last as long, causing the tanner repeat visits to the tanning salon.


To get the most out of a tanning lotion or indoor tanning lotions, be sure to apply them just a few minutes prior to sitting in a tanning bed.


Tanning lotion distributors offer a wide selection of tanning products and lotions at a fraction of the retail price. These companies carry single and bulk orders of every kind of lotions, sunscreens and even after exposure lotions for purchase by the hard-core sun lovers or the brand new surf shop on the beach.


Tanning lotion distributors also offer the latest in name brand tanning products and creams.


Many of these distributors offer free shipping and discount or reward programs for frequent buyers.


It is always good to sign up for these companies email programs to receive promos and even coupons or special offers.





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