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Correspond with lonesome self

by anonymous

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Sometimes in our lives, we want to make some types of decisions that really change our entire lives. It means effects are surely matters. Whatever they are. They positive or negative. But most of times we knows the results and most of time not. Some folks leave it on destiny whether what that will be occure,we have to accept it or we will accept that. In such cases, personalties grow. Positive effects bring positive beings, or negative yes with all harmful. so we have to add some spice in all this with some laughters,wrapped with Jokes or funny tales. Numerously it all happen when we are arrive enough to reach the level of that spot, where we can identify us, classify us or recognize ourself.self being also revolves our communication with environmental socity,like social animals.

Those are no doubt our surroundings, but even our self made experiences too. What can be more results, rather than positive or negative effects? Yes here we will add our society, culture and civilization. Other dilemmas. When we are giving not our best on job or office or other places where we are earning or performing. We surely have to face failure that cause of our showing less responsibility. That really effect on that solo folk, even all time linked people too who are associate with him or her. Like we take example performing bad or ill job actions bringing the results in shape of his or her firing situation, so simply he or she depress too with its family, as they are not gaining financial feed, nosh and supply. So we can see all plus and boon points that direct effect on his or her mood. Search and see the Quotes of all well and balanced lives. Now I can spouse if I am not fine inside while I am on job or in study, how I can add my plus in my entire and full legal responsibility or in my duty, will not add or insert my assign and given task in my job description. What the matter with me. Why all this made my mind in such way have to check and ensure my all life aspect all parts all pieces and all slots that should be fill up.

May be I am worry because of my domestic problem, or some friend matter. May because of relative trouble or crises. It is also can be reason I have much gap and slit among my friends hole or I am not carrying any friend. Sometimes some folks like to live isolated, their solitude environment give him or her much space to feel alone. So in the results they become shy, timed and bashful. They feel not easy and comfort to communicate and even exchange a word with others even not with linked folks too; they not share their secret, their furtive and covet opinions too. So the persons or live around him or her should try to bring him or her near, send him or funny Sms and share deep and amusing incidents too.

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