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What are gum disease its symptoms and its effective treatmen

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Unlike our teeth, our gums are more sensitive to outside influences. We easily understand the signs of our teeth, when they need attention whether it is severe pain, or physical damage. On the other hand the problems in our gums are not very obvious, and many a times we could not even differentiate between the problems amongst teeth and gums. But, it is very important that you pay proper attention to your gum’s health as well to prevent yourselves from gum disease.



Gum diseases are also referred as periodontal disease or periodontitis. It is a type of disease in the mouth and occurs due to bacterial infection or bad bacteria over growth that destroys your gums, connective tissues and bones that hold your teeth firmly. As, a general practice you don’t respect your gums well, which is a very bad practice because your gums are only responsible for you healthy and in place teeth. One should be aware of the signs of periodontal disease in order to maintain proper oral health care. In early stages of gum disease, you will notice slight bleeding when you brush your teeth, discolored gums (dark red) and gum softening. While, during the later stages, you will experience sore mouth, bad breath, loosened teeth, painful and swollen gums, and increased spaces between the teeth. If you notice, any such signs and symptoms, then you should consider visiting your dentist the very first moment.



The gum disease treatment generally carries out with Laser periodontal treatment procedure. This procedure is safe and painless and in this treatment procedure the affected areas and the tissues are cleaned and then with the use of laser, the affected tissue is removed and the area is disinfected. This gum disease treatment procedure is a great alternative to traditional and painful methods. It has faster healing response and has no post-operative discomfort like traditional surgical methods. And this is not it, the treated tissues remain sterile for months after treatment and enhance the healing process.



So, choose the best doctor to cure your periodontal disease with effective and pain free laser treatment.


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