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A Cosmetic Dentistry Clinic in NYC Dispels Myths

by NewYorkDentists

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A Cosmetic Dentistry Clinic in NYC Dispels Myths about Root Canal TherapyPart I


In a recent survey done by a cosmetic dentistry clinic, seventy percent of New Yorkers responded by saying that it is important to have a flawless and beautiful smile. However, our lifestyles and eating habits take a toll on the teeth and leave it prone to various diseases. Decay and disease are some of the common reasons to lose the precious pearly whites. A Cosmetic Dentistry NYC specialist performs various dental procedures to salvage these damaged teeth.

Root canal therapy is one of these procedures for saving the teeth. There are many misconceptions concerning this procedure among people. In the section below, a cosmetic dentistry clinic dispels myths concerning the root canal or endodontic therapy.

Myth: In comparison to the root canal therapy, a tooth extraction is a better alternative

Truth: There should always be a focus on saving the natural tooth by the procedure of root canal therapy. Many people assume that extraction s an appropriate procedure; however, a missing tooth can result in an inappropriate bite or may affect the adjacent teeth. Other procedures such as dental implants again have to be employed in order to replace missing teeth.

Myth: Root canal therapy is not able to offer long-term benefits

Truth: It is not true that root canal does not offer long lasting results to people. On the contrary, many have this notion because of the brittle tooth/teeth that may result due to the lack of blood supply. It is common for the tooth/teeth to keep breaking but in most cases, a cosmetic dentistry NYC professional caps it with a crown that prevents any damage to the tooth having undergone the root canal procedure.

Myth: It takes many appointments with the cosmetic dentist in order to undergo the root canal procedure

Truth: This is untrue, as the advent of cosmetic dentistry has just helped in providing faster solutions. A root canal therapy requires a couple of appointments with the cosmetic dentist. Other factors such as the severity of the infection or the difficulty determine the number of appointments required for a root canal.

In the part II of the article, we will keep discussing more myths related to the root canal therapy. A Cosmetic Dentistry NYC clinic provides good root canal treatment along with other advanced procedures. Visit for further details.


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