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Linux Hard Drive Recovery to Retrieve Your Valuabl

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Hard drive is the main storage device in any Linux computer. It stores all your significant data, applications, and Linux operating system. You can divide this non-volatile mass storage media into various volumes, for effective management of your significant data. Hard drive stores all the data on moving magnetic platters, which provides extremely fast data accessing.

It is considered as a reliable storage media, however you should create regular backup of your significant data to ensure absolute data safety. Backup is the identical copy of your precious data that helps you to prevent data loss and need of Linux hard drive recovery solutions.

Under some circumstances, your may not access your valuable data from Linux hard drive, can not boot up your system, and come across other similar situations. It can be caused due to logical damage to Linux hard drive. The most common reasons of hard drive failure and data loss from Linux hard drive are as given below:

File system corruption- File system is a significant component of your Linux hard drive. It is used by Linux operating system to organize files/directories on hard drive. It file system is damaged, Linux can not locate the files/directories stored  on disk and thus you come across data loss situations.

Virus Infection- Viruses are malicious programs, which may damage data and data structures on your Linux hard drive. They make your system unbootable, inaccessible, and unusable.

Running fsck on a mounted volume- Linux operating systems includes an inbuilt utility, fsck, to check the integrity of file system and fix minor corruption. In case you run this command-line tool on a mounted Linux volume, severe corruption and data loss may occur.

Improper system shutdown- If your system shuts down unexpectedly because of power outage or system crash, current system processes are not stopped properly.

Hard drive formatting- If you accidentally format your Linux hard drive, all the data is removed from it. Formatting also deletes critical system metadata structures.

If you encounter any of the above problems, you need to restore data from most recent backup and perform hard drive recovery.

You can easily retrieve your mission-critical data using advanced and powerful Linux hard drive recovery software. The applications offer easy and safe Linux hard drive recovery with simple user interface and non-destructive behavior.

Stellar Phoenix Linux Data Recovery is the most advanced and efficient utility to offer assured recovery of your valuable data. The software recovers data from all Ext4, Ext3, Ext2, FAT32, FAT16, and FAT12 file system volumes. It works well with all major distributions of Linux operating system, such as Fedora, SUSE, Red Hat, Debian, and Mandriva.

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