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Australia – Homes enthralling marvels numerous

by seohari

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Australia is something you
cannot afford not to marvel or enthrall at. It holds five hundred and fifty
national parks and fifteen World Heritage sites. You can have a glimpse of snow
capped mountains, salt covered lakes, beautiful countryside and turquoise sea.
You can find strange creatures, colorful birds and vibrant fish. There are
ancient rainforests surrounding modern cities and water bodies flowing from
rugged red earth.


In Australia
you can get close to many exotic endemic plants and animals and
experience spectacular beauty on land, air and sea.


Australia is a country in
Southern Hemisphere. Apart from mainland of the Australian continent, it
consists of island of Tasmania and numerous smaller islands in the Indian and
Pacific Oceans. The Great Barrier Reef which is the largest coral reef of the
world lies at a short distance off north east coast. It extends for over two
thousand kilometers.


The size of Australia
makes sure that it has a wide variety of landscapes. There are subtropical rain
forests in north east, mountain ranges in south east, south west and east and a
dry desert in its center. A more desert like semiarid land commonly known as
“outback” makes up the largest portion of land. Australia is the driest
inhabited continent and with only south east and south west having temperate


Though most of Australia
is semi-arid or desert, it is recognized as a megadiverse country as it
includes a diverse range of habitats from alpine heaths to tropical rain
forests. Because of the great age of the continent, extremely variable weather
patterns and long term geographic isolation flora and fauna of Australia is
unique and diverse. A significant portion of plants, animals and fishes are


Although Australia package tour has
natural and cultural attractions, its cities are also striking with appealing
attractions. The prominent cities are Sydney, Melbourne, Canberra, Brisbane,
Adelaide, Perth, Darwin, Hobart, Cairns, Alice Springs, Gold Coast and Broome.


The Great Coastal Walk is
the main attraction of Sydney. The distance of entire walk will take at least
eight days to complete. You can have the valuable harbor views, dramatic
headlands, sandstone cliffs, golden beaches, lush lagoons and native bushland
on the sides of the walk. To add to it are the monuments of aboriginal and
colonial history of Sydney.


Australia tour
takes you to a multicultural city. Variety
of quality global foods is available in its restaurants. Melbourne promotes
itself as a center of arts. For true gems you should go away from the highly
meticulous streets of Melbourne to the stone laid laneways. You can discover swanky
bars, secret art spaces and off the beaten track boutiques.


In a hot air balloon
flight in sunrise you can have an aerial view of Canberra. The meticulous
design of this planned city is a disciplinarian’s delight. Monuments, galleries
and gardens surround the Lake of Burley Griffin. The important landmark is the
Parliament House. Then there are the green parks and elegant suburbs. Not to
speak of the exquisite wine and dine available.


In Brisbane the famous
landmark is Queensland Cultural Center on South Bank. You can find museums,
galleries, theatres and much more here. More science minded can marvel at the
skeleton of Queensland Dinosaur in the Queensland museum or have fun with
interactive science exhibitions in Sciencentre.


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