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A Quick Guide To Buying Better Artist Stretcher Bars

by Editor123

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Finding good quality artist stretcher bars to buy is always a major
concern for those who have to work with varying sized canvases on a
regular basis. Stretcher bar products (often misspelled as strecher
bar) are not hard to find. They are available in stores selling
artists’ supplies and can also be ordered online from various sites
that specialize in similar products. However, ensuring that they are of
a good quality can require some amount of careful inspection of their
quality and build.


One of the most common concerns about artist stretcher bars
(or strecher bars) is the dimensional stability of the wood. In other
words, it is the ability of the frames to stay in shape when they have
been used to stretch a piece of canvas. It is common knowledge that
stretcher bars are subjected to enormous amounts of pressure when in
use, especially if the piece of canvas is large. Over time, this
pressure can cause the stretcher bars to warp or bend or even snap.
This naturally renders the entire canvas unusable and can lead to a lot
of unnecessary hassles, such as having to dismantle the original
framing and reattaching the canvas to a new frame.


To counter such problems, many manufacturers of artist stretcher
bars have started to use ingenious engineering innovations to make
their products stronger, sturdier and more durable. One such innovation
is the use of short splines to make the bars. It has been shown that
when stretcher frames get constructed using short splines instead of
longer continuous pieces of wood, they develop a much better resistance
to warping, twisting and bending. This is why, in order to ensure
better stability, you should insist upon buying high quality stretcher
strips that have been made using short sections, joined together with
finger splines, to make longer bars.


There are many excellent brands of artist stretcher bars available
today. One of the best-known names in this regard is Fredrix. However,
there are plenty of other brands available that are extremely good. And
the best thing is you can now buy all such high quality stretcher
strips online with just a click of your mouse. You can either buy them
in small quantities, or make a bulk purchase to avail of exciting
discounts. In some cases you can even buy them at attractive wholesale


So, order today and stock up on stretcher strips for all your canvas stretching needs. Just ensure that they are made using short splines for better stability and performance.

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