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How to unlock phone – an user guidelines

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If you have a cell phone that uses GSM, or Global System for Mobile communication, technology, your phone may be “locked”. This means that your carrier has your phone programmed to work only on their network. The good news is that you can obtain a unlock code for most cell phones of this type.

The way that a cell phone unlock code works is by changing the data on the SIM card to allow access to other phone networks beside the one that it was programmed to be used on. A SIM card is the method used to synchronize a particular phone’s serial number and information to a carrier’s network. As stated earlier, the SIM card data can be changed to allow the phone to be unlocked. When the phone is first delivered to the user, it is almost certainly a locked cell phone. The reason for this is that the service providers do not want the user to obtain service from anyone other than them. Since there is no legal way for them to enforce this, the user has the right to unlock the cell phone and use it on another carrier’s service.

To use a unlock code, once obtained from a unlock code supplier, usually there will be step by step instructions on that supplier’s website to be followed for how to unlock phone. After the cell phone is unlocked, the user can obtain service from any provider, worldwide, that supports GSM phones. This allows the user to travel overseas and not pay high international calling rates from their domestic carrier. cell phone unlocking is not only convenient; it is legal in most countries, including the United States!

Simply go to, enter the information for your phone and checkout. An unlock cell phone code will be emailed to you shortly, and after following the online instructions how to unlock phone, you will have an unlocked cell phone that you can use on any carrier’s network that you choose to subscribe to.

Be sure to check with your current carrier to find out what their policy is on early termination, etc.

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