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Enjoy a fascinating vacation in the state of Ferry and Feni

by rajeshrajseo

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Goa, the tiniest state in India bordered by the states of Maharashtra and Karnataka is one of the most popular tourist destinations in India among the domestic as well as the international travelers. Well known for its picturesque beaches, serene landscape, sparkling sea surrounding it, pulsating nightlife, invigorating ambiance that brings the spirit alive. A must visit destination on every traveler’s list; Goa is the place to be at.

A Portuguese colony, hippie haven, beach delight, Goa has it all from extensive sun-kissed beaches to sixteenth century synagogues, from neo classic, neo gothic houses to late night cruise parties, there’s absolutely nothing that you wouldn’t find worth a second look in Goa. Goa tourism has been on a rise ever since the hippies first settled their feet in the sands of Calangute Beach. Still reminiscent of the vintage and the Hippie era, Goa has hues of its own which very promisingly will make you submerge yourself in them.

In a place vibrant as Goa, it is hard to find a reason to stay away from the most enticing feature of the state, its beaches. Goa’s very life resides in its beaches. Goa beaches are an idyllic way to celebrate the beauty of this tropical heaven. Relax under the towering palm trees, sink you feet into the sand, flirt with the azure seas, enjoy adrenaline rushing water sports at the famous Anjuna Beach, Vagator Beach, Baga Beach, Conodolim Beach etc.

Another inseparable part of Goan beaches are its flea markets set along its rich coastline of the Anjuna and the Apora Beach. Experience the true Indian market flavor in these local markets on Wednesdays. Goa’s frontiers are not just confined to its magnificent beaches, Goa boasts of a rich and well-kept history-heritage too. Sixteenth century churches intrigue all history buffs and are wonderful pieces of architecture, some of them now in ruins still manage to attract a number of visitors.

Goa is home to two world heritage sites namely the Bom Jesus Basilica and the Churches and convents of Old Goa. The mortal remains of St. Francis Xavier are kept in the Basilica. In Old Goa, there are many other churches affliated to various congregations that visitors like to get a glimpse of. Goa is not only the den of the synagogues but some notable temples of indegenious Indian style can also be found like the Shanta Durga Temple, the Mangueshi Temple, and the Mahalasa Temple etc.

Your Goa trip is incomplete if you haven’t savored the lip-smacking cuisine of Goa. With rich coconut milk, rice and paste, Goan cuisine’s delicacy is hard to ignore. An assortment of subtle Seafood, Hindu cuisine, Catholic Goan cuisine, goan cuisine is just as marvelous as its beaches and a true foodie would definitely understand the depth of it awesomeness. And Goa’s nightlife needs no introduction. Well known for its bombastic parties, Goa is a hub of the new happening rave-techno generation parties.

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