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Web Self service- How it can help customers help themselves?

by crmdomain

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Customer service executives are flooded with emails and inquiries from customers every day.  The queries from the customer are running up company costs and forcing a longer wait for customers having complex issues. A company can save money and manage contact centre traffic by investing in Web Self Service solutions. It automatically replies to most commonly asked questions, provide answers and help customer to solve the issues by themselves.

Companies face a lot of problems in managing thousand of queries from customers every day. Some are the below business challenges faced by company:

  • Handing increase number of calls in the customer support centre drive up the cost of the company.
  • Customer agents are pressurised with overloaded calls, emails and queries.
  • Longer wait for customers in solving complex issues, increasing customer frustration.
  • Employees spend excessive time in hunting for files and information to help customers and send emails to the departing for resolving the issues.
  • Ineffective customer service diminishes productivity, increases costs and risks, and builds frustration.

Web self service portal provides a significantly improved customer experience by giving the customer the option to do quick search, read the most relevant answers  and also get  connected   to get quick, correct, and consistent answers via email, live chat, phone, or the Web. When a customer interacts with the company, the knowledge base of the company is updated with information and hence in the next customer interaction it instantly answers the queries. The self service module comes with latest artificial intelligence which enable the customers to learnthe information searched by them and apply the same insight to ensure whatever is searched is found. Moreover, if the customer issue is not solved he can get in touch with the agents via email, chat or phone for solving his issues.

 When a company empower customers in getting the required information by them-selves, there are immediate reduction of costs and improvements in efficiency. Moreover, a self knowledge solution will increase agent productivity.


  • Web self service saves money and enhanced customer satisfaction
  • Save cost by reducing the number of emails and phone call burden on the contact centre agent
  • 24*7 service portal will be available to ask queries and find the reliable answers.
  • Seamless integration with phone, chat and email channels.
  • Deliver the most current version of documents, thus trimming down the use of inaccurate or outdated information.
  • Reduce support cost and provides ROI through rapid deployment

Web self service  ensures the customer for a highly personalized and branded experiences for customers. It helps to build a customer portal including maps and flash demo, integrating with the company branding guidelines.Moreover, customers are allowed to give feedback on the answers provided and it ranks the answers after learning from the feedback. The self service portal is also available in on smart-phone and customers can access the self service template with the knowledge foundation.

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