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Quality Wish Pearl for Modern Life

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Pearls are the easiest accessory for any outfit and are the most versatile gemstones in the world. The possibilities with pearls are endless because of the various colors, sizes and shapes pearls come in. At Aloha Pearls, one of our most popular and unique products are our Wish Pearls. These are oysters with a guaranteed pearl inside. These oysters are both fresh water and salt water, and come at a size of eight-millimeter pearls. Accompanying these, are necklaces made of sterling silver with cages that contain the pearl you retrieved from your very own oyster in five different designs. Our designs include: turtles, plumeria flowers, turtles, dolphins, and sea stars. At Aloha Pearls, we also have these designs in cell phone straps that can be attached to a mobile phone, for instant fun and fashion.

These Wish Pearls make wonderful gifts because of the versatility they provide, as well as the awesome experience of selecting the pearl jewelry from the oyster by you. Another feature that makes this product on of our most popular is, the surprise of not knowing what color of pearl one might get. This is another great detail of this product, the special colors the oysters contain. There are four different color options in each oyster, and each of these colors has a special Hawaiian meaning, which is also featured on the bottom of the box. Choose a white or silver color, Ke’oke’o, meaning ‘good fortune,” or a pink pearl, Akala, meaing, “success.” There is also Piki, “Passion,” a lavender color and finally Poni, a lustrous blue color, meaning “good luck.”

Wish Pearls and necklaces would make the perfect token of friendship, be a wonderful gift for your mom, wife, or even your daughter. With our affordable process, purchase several and stockpile them for any future event that might come up and you know you’ll be giving someone a rare gift that no one else will give them. At, we have the answer for the best gift that you have ever given.

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