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Kerala Houseboat the Most Exhilarating Cruise Ever Existed

by yameengvt

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Kerala is one of the most famous tourist destinations of India and sought out site for its unique entertainments and benchmarked hospitality. It is a small state with an area of about 38,863 square km located on the south west of the Malabar Coast well known as God’s own country.  


The state is one of the most preferred sites meant for relaxation and leisure spending amidst the blissful nature abundantly blessed with rich flora and fauna blended with colorful culture and amazing heritage possess by it. Thus the state is fan by millions of its visitors who come for one purpose or other to receive benefit rendered freely by it. Come and explore the many excitements prevailing in it and be soaked like never before.


Some of the top attractions of the state are as follows:



The backwaters are quite unique and picturesque site which can drench you to the world of ecstasy floating on the heavenly paradise. They are formed by the chain of brackish lagoons and lakes lying parallel to the Arabian Sea coast boulevard like canals of both man-made and nature. It connects almost every nook and corners of the state and was once the most important means of transport but it fame has been transferred on the tourism product. The houseboats in kerala is a modified form of boat into the coziest house ever found and its cruise is one of the most interesting and exciting tour. Some of the popular destinations where you will find such excitements are Kumarakom, Alleppey, Kollam and Cochin etc. If you wish to experience the cruises of then houseboats in Alleppey are also one of the most popular cruises you can look for and enjoy to the full.    


Hill stations

The hill stations are one of the most idyllic sites for leisure spending and relaxations. Kerala’s hills are one of the most scenic and exclusively alluring and attractive filled with lush tea plantations and exotic tropical forest and most of them reach to an average height of 1520 m.


Chembra Peak

It is the highest peak in Wayanad which is about 2100 m above the sea level. It is an ideal place for camping at night and is well known as the trekker’s paradise and you can have the bird’s eye view of the whole scenic beauty of Wayanad which is one of the sought out tourist destinations of Kerala. You will come across a lot of excitements as you trek along and one of the amazing areas which draw the attention of all the trekkers is the blue eye water lake which situated on the top of the hill remains even in the peak of summer scintillating every one with its stimulating effect of tranquil rays.



It is one of the most charming and well fascinated adored site with the rich natural heritage abundantly bestowed nature. It offers immense of diverse attractions like the wildlife sanctuaries, other small hill resorts, spice plantation tour and amusing frolic entertainments like mountain trekking and elephant rides are some of the popular enjoyments facilitated by it.   


Apart from the above mention attractions the popular Ayurvedic and herbal treatments with the yoga facilities and beaches are also quite common among the tourist attractions. Try to unleash the unexplored beauty of Kerala and make it the most memorable tour of your life.     



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