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A Car That Doesn't Need a Lansing MI Auto Repair Shop?

by basilglenn

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Cars today may not be able to levitate or converse like a regular human being with their drivers, but new technologies are helping them to become increasingly safe and interactive. You may not find a car that can travel back in time, or one that no longer needs to make regular visits to a Lansing MI auto repair center, but ultra-cool features that have recently come out are still extremely useful and impressive. Here are but a few examples:

Cars that communicate with each other

Based on the belief that when it comes to safety, every second counts, a popular American car manufacturer has been working to create a system that allows cars to communicate with other cars on the road. The system makes it possible for cars to warn each other of imminent and potential danger. Moreover, the system also aims to cut drive time by informing drivers about heavy traffic before they enter the congestion.

Seats that monitor heart rate

The same American car brand mentioned above has recently announced their project of developing car seats that can monitor heart rate and detect if the driver is going into cardiac arrest. The seats don't even need to touch bare skin to give an accurate measurement. They are so sensitive that the company that built them say they are up to 98 percent accurate.

A device that reads social media newsfeeds

One particular technology aims to bank on the fact that smartphones and social media have changed the way people communicate. No need to check your phone while you're driving. The device is voice-activated, so you can simply ask the device to read you everything that is on your social media newsfeeds.

Self-parking systems

If you can't seem to master the art of parallel parking, self-parking vehicles sold by luxury car dealers in Lansing may be your only salvation. With these vehicles, all you have to do is pull up to a parking spot, tell the car the location of the vacant space, and the vehicle will do the rest. Most of these systems rely on an on-board computer that uses a rear-mounted camera and a servomechanism.

These days, all kinds of great features are enhancing car maintenance and safety. Only more impressive developments are to come, and for sure, they'll continue to revolutionize the auto industry. You can learn more about these latest vehicle innovations at

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