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To be an elegant woman: give you some tips on jewelry match

by anonymous

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When you were a child have you ever thought one day you would become a woman like you mother or your elder sister who can wear elegant high-heel shoes and delicate jewelry? Every girl dreams to possess something like jewelry belonging to her own.

How to get wholesale jewelry?

As to how to choose jewelry, opinions divide. Some people tend to wear those costly jewelry, other argue that the most important is find out those jewelry which work best for them, without necessarily needing to be very expensive. We, in fact, could find a way to get loved jewelry neither expensive nor low-quality. It is given the opportunity by the era, and that is shopping on the Internet.

Through shopping online, it’s feasible to get wholesale price jewelry without the need for a big deal. You can buy jewelry wholesale even though you buy just a piece of jewelry. Thanks to the big cut of cost, sellers could offer us jewelry in a low price. But the potential risks deserve our attention. We lack all- round knowledge to products on the ground that we have no ways to see material objects. So make sure feedbacks about the online store and the product are good. Check sellers’ promises about delivery time, express and after-sale policy is whether meet your satisfaction.

When we start choosing wholesale jewelry, most of us have this problem: How To Match Jewelry & Clothes. It is one of the most asked questions we have about our clothes and jewelry. Sometimes we can be so fickle!

Sometimes it can be easily solved. – what we need to do is just pick out a couple pieces of jewelry we like and then match the colors, or the jewelry to what we’re wearing. We can get an immediate feedback. That, however, is out of effect when we go shopping wholesale jewelry online. This doesn’t mean we can do nothing. Here is a basic guideline to follow when choosing your jewelry to coordinate jewelry and clothes fashionably, your hair or your other accessories.

 How to accessorize with your jewelry?


Accessories can make your outfit look great and flatter your quality, making you become an attractive person! But all is based on the premise – the right match between your jewelry and your clothes and other accessories. Here is a few tips to help coordinate your jewelry:

Coordinate with your hair color.

•       Blonde hair, depending on the tone, can look good with both gold and silver for the color’s all – match.

•      Black or brown hair look well with either silver or gold.

•      Red or gray hair look well with silver.

•      Coordinate with your clothing.

•      Wear ruby earrings with a red top.

•      Wear a sapphire necklace with a blue dress.

•      Wear bright-colored jewelry with black clothing.

•      Wear gold with warm-colored clothing.

•      Wear colored jewelry with a plain outfit.

Coordinate to accentuate.

•      Double a long necklace or tie it into a mid-length knot.

•      Wear a long necklace to appear slender and tall.

•      Wear large earrings or a delicate necklace to appear small.

•      Wear a pin high on your shoulder to accentuate your face.

Coordinate the amount of jewelry.

•      Wear one piece of jewelry for an elegant look.

•      Wear two matching pieces for a more formal event.

•      Wear several pieces for a costume party.

Coordinate with other jewelry.

•      Wear earrings with a matching necklace.

•      Wear two similar necklaces.

•      Wear an antique with another antique.

•      Wear shiny jewelry with shiny jewelry.

•      Wear three bracelets on the same wrist.

•      Wear a bracelet with your watch.


•      Heavy earrings cause ear lobes to sag, especially with age.

•      Make sure not to “over accessorize”

•      Torn ear lobes may require surgical repair.

•      Accessories do not need to match your wedding rings.

•      Don’t wear tight jewelry as it could restrict your blood circulation.