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Conversions That Help to Create Visually Stunning Websites

by anonymous

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In this era of Internet dependence and Internet exposure, business and marketing have been revolutionized. In today’s world Internet is the best tool to build and market one’s business. To be able to do this, one needs a website which must be visually appealing to the viewers. This is done through the coding of HTML and XHTML. PSD to HMTL conversion is required while creating a website. The best way to create a website is to devise codes straight from the website. However, testing the codes is necessary before application and certain tools are used to do that.


These tools aid in conversion of Psd to Html codes while creating the website. Photoshop is a tool through which you can edit various images for your website. After a PSD file with the extension name of “.psd” is created, it gets converted into “.html” file which is basically the Hypertext Markup Language for the pages on the Internet. The file gets transferred through Hypertext Transfer Protocol or HTTP. These days the conversion is done through software that can be bought through the Internet itself. Simply download, install and use to convert the files.


XHTML is newer and modified version of the HTML format. XHTML is better equipped to contend with the other languages which are high mark up in nature. When files are converted from PSD to XHTML, XHTML can accurately resolve problems arising from complicated conversions. The tags of an XHTML code exist inside brackets unlike the HTML tags. Conversion of PSD files to XHTML files is easier when done by graphic designers. The conversion is smooth and of better quality then it is used to be with HTML.


Without converting PSD to HTML the browser is not able to interpret the coding. Several companies take up the job of converting files and they apply their expert knowledge in the conversion so that images turn out to be visually stunning. You can also do it yourselves by buying the conversion software and learning to use it. Therefore, with the invention of XHTML the file conversions have become easy and hassle free along with high quality.


Conversion of Psd to Wordpress is yet to gain the popularity among the web designers unlike the XHTML and HTML formats. Wordpress is a Content Management System through which people can publish their content. However, with Wordpress one can design one’s website using their functional conversion service. Wordpress is powered by MySQL and PHP and you can actually convert Photoshop files into Wordpress themes and market your website.


Wordpress has several features that can be used by people interested in marketing their blogs and websites. The conversion of PSD to Wordpress is effective and can also be used in managing the websites. You can enhance the appearance as well as the functionality of your website through the added features that the conversion offers you.

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