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Victoria Sorkin’s Upcoming Fall/Winter Jewelry Line

by jeassonlens

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There's no better way to express femininity, sensuality and noblesse than by wearing the perfect attitude and matching it with the most expressive piece of jewelry in that sense. Victoria Sorkin is one of those jewelry designers who puts together the most amazing beads, crystals and other materials to create unique pieces of jewelry that highlights the statute and grandeur of the noble women, as she says. Her Ukrainian family heritage as well as her traveling to exotic countries such as the Republic of Turkmenistan, Uzbekistan and Israel has put a strong imprint on her creative inspiration.


Victoria Sorkin's jewelry pieces embellish the neck area as well as the décolletage, making the perfect choice for an extravagant evening event, a wedding or a reception. The pieces are all unique and handmade using colored beads and Swarovski crystals in order to create that royal and noble feel to them.


The upcoming fall/winter jewelry line designed by Victoria Sorkin will use the finest cut beads, Swarovski crystals to give them that exquisite shine and a new material, the soutache. The new collection for the fall/winter 2013 season will include earrings and bracelets as well, besides grandiose necklaces. For those of you who are new to soutache, soutache is a narrow flat decorative braid used to conceal a seam or to trim drapery or clothing. Nowadays soutache is the newest trend in handmade jewelry design due to its amazing versatility and usability.


The new beaded creation of Victoria Sorkin's will come in various colors, shapes and big sizes, as you are used by now. Large jewelry is one of Victoria's trademarks, as you are accustomed by now. The new fall/winter collection will embody the delicacy as well as the inner power of women expressed by vulnerability, calmness and kindness. Also, the upcoming jewelry collection will depict the harshness of autumn and winter and turn the cold and blizzard associated with these seasons into the most delicate bead jewelry that speaks about the harshness of the weather and kindness and warmth inside a woman's soul. 


Nonetheless, as you are accustomed already, Victoria Sorkin offers you the possibility to order a specific jewelry piece to match a gown or evening dress. You will be able to enjoy your own designer made unique necklace and embrace the autumn and winter seasons to come. What can be better that a woman perfectly accessorized in her own style and good taste? This is what the upcoming Victoria Sorkin's collection aims to achieve: the perfect fall and winter accessory for noble women to wear. The new beaded collection is almost here, so we invite you to access Victoria Sorkin's website at and be the first to get properly accessorized for the upcoming fashion seasons.




Victoria Sorkin

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