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The Latest Research of Pengobatan HIV Aids

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HIV Aids is known as a deadly disease. For many years, experts are trying to find the way to cure people who are suffered from HIV Aids. So, how exactly about the best Pengobatan HIV Aids? There is a recent fact that two people were cured from their HIV Aids.

Those two men were suffered from longstanding HIV. Then, they were following Pengobatan HIV Aids at the International AIDS Society in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. The secret of the treatment is on the narrow bone transplant. In specific, both of the patients were received immunosuppressant. The process was not stopped there because they still have to take several therapies after the narrow bone transplant. This is including antiretroviral therapy after the bone narrow transplant. The purpose of this narrow bone transplant is to kill the lymphoma cells. At the same time, those two patients will have a healthy bone. Surprisingly, after the antiretroviral therapy the evidence of HIV Aids in the plasma blood and the peripheral blood monocular cell is gone. The good news is that when the researchers stopped the antiretroviral therapy, the sign of HIV Aids doesn’t appear again.

So, it can be the latest Pengobatan HIV Aids? Of course, we can’t conclude it yet. The researchers will make further research including having biopsies therapy. In addition, the narrow bone donor has to be chosen selectively. They can’t use any kind of narrow bone and the narrow bone used in this treatment is coming from donor who has delta32 mutation. The strange part is that the narrow bone which was transplanted to the both patients was not coming from delta32 mutation donor. Until now, the researchers stated that the antiretroviral drugs which repressed. In this case, the healthy cells took over their bone and as the result both of them are free from HIV Aids virus.

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