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Ahead of the New England Patriots

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Patriots coach Bill - Belichick (Bill Belichick) will always be on Aaron 's side - Hernandez (Aaron Hernandez), Tim - Thibaudet (Tim Tebow) as well as the question of what going to do next , but I am afraid of it is how he wants to win the next opponent .nfl jerseys wholesale


Patriots first game of the season away to Buffalo Bills , Bill coach Doug - Maroni (Doug Marrone) and quarterback EJ Manuel (EJ Manuel) are newly joining the team , and Manuel is just knee surgery recovery. So I am afraid that the state is still not strong Bill Patriot opponent, the game is also the case if there is one-sided makes sense . Patriot has 9 consecutive years won the opener, the league's longest winning streak in team opener .


Rex - Ryan last battle ?


New York Jets at the Metropolitan Stadium Tampa Bay Buccaneers await the challenge , if the Jets still not ready , then the Jets in addition to "bad" there is no other word can describe. Jets new manager John - Eddie Flyers (John Idzik) prepare reconstruction,nfl jerseys china,off the team's best players - star cornerback Darrell - Reavis (Darrelle Revis) was traded to the Pirates.


Rookie quarterback Gino - Smith (Geno Smith) did not do a good job in the first episode when preparing in advance to replace the injured Mark - Sanchez (Mark Sanchez) appearance. But Smith should not be nervous. Smith said the pirates : "They will certainly find ways to give me a lesson , then they will be able to arrogance say that this is just a rookie quarterback , they would shock me , I will be down in the game , no matter how, I was really looking forward to this all happened , I was too wants to prove himself . "


Now, it seems , the Jets make the situation even more distress Ryan , perhaps everything will change, but if there is no change for the better , so that when Smith's performance has been questioned , the Jets continued to lose again , Ryan can keep his handsome bit ?jerseys from china


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