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The Evolution of POS

by rogerdavids10

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Point of sale is a system made up of hardware and software that aids retailers and shop owners manage their store, controls their stock inventory completes sales transactions, electronically issues receipt and analyze the store’s daily transaction reports. In the early days, confirmation of sales from customers was done by manually writing and issuing a paper receipt to customer. As sales systems progressed, cash registers were used in checkout counters of stores and shops to consummate sales.

Cash registers were a big boost to retail trading because it was able to speed up sales and create transaction reports for the business owners to analyze. But for several years, there was one important retail management task that the cash register failed to do and that was stock inventory control. The cash register was only able to provide information on the totality of the store sales but could not identify the kinds of product sold. Even if the report suggested that the store was making money on sales, it could not define which products were the best sellers and which were not. This made it difficult for business owner to analyze their sales unless a final report of the manual inventory was handed to them. Today’s retail environment has evolved into a more complicated but result oriented system that involves the use of hardware such as personal computers, bar code scanner, receipt printer, and a cash drawer. However this hardware is useless without the software to make it run. Once the software is incorporated into the hardware, the equipment will become an intelligent device that can carry out important tasks other than just accepting payment from the buying customers.

The point of sale enables speedy processing of sales, manage and control inventory stocks, manage the businesses work personnel, prepare and create a variety of reports that are essential to company. With the birth of internet, retail businesses discovered the value of using the web as a source to entice more customers to patronize their wares. This was the birth of online shopping. Putting your shop on the web is not as easy as it looks. When you wanted to introduce your company to the public, you would hire an advertising man or agency to promote your business. The same thing is true with websites. If you want the netizens to notice your company, you need to hire somebody to create the website for you. The process of putting up a website to promote your business is called ecommerce web design.

Ecommerce web design results in the creation of an online website shop that leads to a paperless exchange of business information via electronic data interchange. This allows business transaction to be consummated between buyers and the e-shop owners. Payments are done through electronic fund transfer such as the use of a credit card or bank transfer payment. Through e-commerce, one can do online shopping; do bank transactions, and stock and bond transactions. You can also commercially buy and sell commercial software, documents, graphics, and music by simply uploading or downloading the items.

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