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Buying Telescopes - The Various Choices Available

by OPTtelescopes

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If you are looking to buy telescope products, it can be significantly intimidating, especially if you are a beginner. With a wide spectrum of choices available in the market, with unique specifications and functions, you will be left wondering which telescope is perfect for you. In-depth understanding of different types of telescopes, their uses, and accessories can go a long way to help you choose the best for you. Before considering the important features and specifications of telescopes to make the best buy, it is crucial to learn about different varieties available in the market. This will not only help to narrow down your search, but allow you to make an informed decision.



Types of Telescopes



There are basically three main types of telescopes – Newtonian Reflectors, Refractors, and Catadioptrics. Let’s consider the choices in details.



Newtonian Reflectors



When you are looking to buy telescope equipment, considering a Newtonian Reflector is worth every penny. Such equipment uses a curved mirror for focusing the incoming light into another flat mirror that directs the light to facilitate a convenient viewing position on the side. Most Newtonian Reflectors come with equatorial mounts, though the latest Dobsonians come with an ingenious mount that holds the telescope in place by friction.







  • Typically portable and compact; available in focal length up to 1000m
  • Provides the lowest cost per inch aperture
  • It offers a superb experience viewing deep faint sky objects such as nebulae, remote galaxies, etc.
  • Delivers vivid images; minimum optical aberrations
  • Excellent for deep sky astrophotography, planetary and lunar work






  • Not suitable for terrestrial applications
  • Little light loss due to diagonal obstruction



There are several popular Newtonian Reflector telescope brands available in the market. Consider choices such as Celestron telescopes to have the best value for money.





This is the oldest type of telescope, which is typically a curved lens that focuses the light into the point. Such type of telescopes use lenses for gathering light and focusing it on the eyepiece. Typically, the eyepiece is located at the rear of the telescope and objective lens at the front. There are two types of objective lens available – Achromatic and Apochromatic.






  • Simple in design, light, and easy to use
  • The lens is permanently aligned or mounted
  • Excellent for terrestrial viewing, and lunar, planetary, and binary star observation
  • Comes with sealed optical tube, which protects it and prevents it from degrading air content





  • Longer, heavier, and bulkier than other varieties available
  • Longer focal ratios make photographing deep objects more difficult
  • Typically not suited to view faint and small deep sky objects



Meade telescopes and some other popular refractor brands are available in the market, which are worth considering.





This is yet another popular variety worth considering when you buy telescope equipment. It uses a combination of lenses and mirrors for folding the optics and forming an image. There are typically two popular varieties, and is one of the most popular types of equipment with a modern design.  





  • Easy to use; razor-sharp images with superb optics for a wide field
  • Very good for terrestrial viewing, planetary, lunar, and binary star observation
  • Typically maintenance free and durable
  • Most versatile with more accessories available than any other variety





  • More expensive
  • Not typically what a telescope looks like
  • Light loss due to secondary mirror obstruction



Considering these varieties will help you make the best choice to buy a telescope.


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