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How to Safeguard Your Rights as a Dog Bite Victim

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Any person who has been bitten or attacked by an animal is bound to suffer a great deal of physical and emotional trauma. The depressing aspect about such unfortunate situations is that most often the victims are children. There are occassions when victims or their relatives are unable to fight for their rights because they do not have sufficient knowledge on the matter.

If you are living in Arizona and are a victim of such an attack, or have a relative that has just been bitten or attacked by a dog, then it is essential for you to know what guidelines are laid out by the state law. In most states, it is almost always the owner or the designated guardian of the pet during the time of the attack who is required to cover the expenses of th, in addition to the payment for any psychological stress that the victim might have experienced.

If you want to receive settlement for the traumas you have experienced from an animal bite or attack, there should be proof that the person to blame for the dog did not protect the general populace from any damage that the animal might cause. In case you have sufficient proof and your claim has been established, then the court would then decide how much settlement you are to receive.

The insurance policy of the owner usually covers the transaction, but if you are going through trouble with the process or need further help with how to begin this process, then you need to seek aid from a reliable injury attorney in Arizona. Lawyers have the skills to ensure that you get the settlement you ought to get.

Looking into the Arizona Dog Bite Law

You are one of the fortunate ones who are now living in a state where there is a dog bite legislation. More to the point, you are one of the more privileged citizens of this country that does not follow the one-free-bite law, which means that Arizona looks at a first animal attack as an incident wherein the owner of the attacking animal can be held responsible for any injuries sustained by the sorry victim even if the animal has no reputation of attacking people.

Strict Liability

Pet owners accountable for animals that have assaulted people are held to a standard called strict liability, which means if a case is made in just a year from the date of the assault or aggressive behavior that has caused harm, then the owner can be held liable right away.

However, if the lawsuit has exceeded a year, then the victim now has to establish that the animal owner has reasonable cause to have known that his or her animal would be a potential hazard to the wellbeing of individuals around the dog. This will require the victim to prove that the dog or animal had without a doubt bitten or attacked another person before, which can prove tough for the victim.

Exceptions to Liability

If the victim is assaulted by a pet but triggered it to do so, he will not be eligible for any compensation. An animal, especially in the line of police or military task, cannot be charged for its actions while carrying out its orders or responsibility.


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