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Car ECU Remapping - Gain More Power.....

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In this technological age, all German cars including the one we are talking about here, the BMW Mini, have a powerful computerised Engine Management System. The Car ECU Remapping involves a re-programmed process to adjust the accurate amount of fuel or oxygen, which goes into the engine at a time, the spark plug timing. This entire process is called remapping a car and it is a highly useful process that can allow you to see your BMW Mini reach their true potential. But the amount of power and performance you can gain depends on the type of your engine.

When looking for a Mini Car ECU Remapping service, you should ensure that the company offering the work has a solid reputation, affordable price, good customer services and also comes recommended by sources that you fully trust. There are two ways in which you can remap your BMW Mini:-

  • Generic BMW Mini Remap: Here, your BMW Mini can gain anything from 20-40bhp. Generic remap is a pre-designed remap sometimes called "off the shelf" and "stage 1" remap. Generic remap is installed simply by reflashing an EEPROM.
  • Custom BMW Mini Remap: In Custom Remap process your BMW Mini car gains from 40bhp upwards.  This process in completely based on your preferences that you may have. Custom map takes more time/equipment than generic remap.

ECU Remapping - A Software-based Process

What actually happens is, the ECU (Engine Control Unit) that is used to control every aspect of your car's engine, has a pre-designed map stored on its system. This map can be re-programmed so as to provide you give your vehicle additional power and torque. Professional ECU remapping gives you better fuel consumption, a smoother ride, faster acceleration, with the optimum driving experience in your vehicle.

The entire Car ECU remapping process takes approximately 30 minutes to an hour. The changes those are done does not damage your BMW Mini in any way as it is completely software based and thus you only risk your Engine Control Unit.

Car ECU Remapping is a cost effective way to get more from your engine whether it be through improved BHP, torque or fuel efficiency. Martek Motor Services is an honest German car specialist offers cost effective BWM Mini servicing and repairs throughout the West Midlands. If you want detailed information on ECU Remapping and wheel alignment cost, you can visit at online garage - Martek Motor Services!


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Saragibbs  is a car enthusiast and professional writer at Martek Motor Services. He currently writes for the automotive industry such as how to find Mini servicing, what are the main advantages, etc. For detailed information about a wheel alignment cost  and Car ECU Remappingin West Midlands you can contact him.

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