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Causes and Symptoms of Uterine Fibroids Tumor

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Fibroids refer to the growth of non-harmful tumors that are formed inside the uterus of women. In most of the cases, these fibroids are formed during the child bearing age of women. Although the exact cause for this particular condition is not known however there are a few symptoms that are associated with the condition. Unfortunately, most of the symptoms are much same to the diseases and infections and consequently the conditions often remains unnoticed. As a matter of fact many women are not even aware about their condition. Hence, it really becomes essential for you to understand the symptoms of fibroids so that you can get proper treatment for the same.   

Here are a few symptoms of uterine fibroids:

Swelling in abdomen

If your abdomen has become hard and is protruding for no reason then without waiting much consult the doctor in your vicinity. It has been seen that women who develop fibroids often observe swelling in stomach that often makes the similar to a pregnant woman that they are not and it only grows bigger with passage of time.

Miscarriage and Infertility

Women who develop fibroids during childbearing age must understand that when left untreated, these fibroids can lead to inability to conceive. As they grow bigger in size, they obstruct the fallopian tube, therefore, averting the implantation in the uterus. If pregnant women develop fibroids then there is very possibility that it might lead to miscarriage or affect the growth and development of the fetus.


It is one the prime symptoms of fibroids. As fibroids grow with time, they press the colon preventing the smooth movement of bowel that ultimately leads to painful digestion. However, more often than not this condition is related to irritable bowel syndrome. Hence, getting yourself check up on an immediate basis is not a bad idea if you are experiencing similar condition for a long time.

Irregular periods

Not only women experience heavy bleeding when suffering from fibroids, they also experience irregular periods and spotting between two periods. If your periods last longer than necessary; or that your periods start before your, date then you better consult a doctor.  Fibroids can be one of the primary causes of bleeding between periods.

Besides above slated there are other symptoms for the condition as well such as urinary problems, painful intercourse, cramps and pelvic pains. As far as treatment for fibroids is considered, doctors prefer prescribing and controlling the growth of uterine fibroids with medicines but when patient fails to who any improvement then surgery is the only last resort. Often it is during other check up for medical condition that women are diagnosed with fibroids. It is only when condition and symptoms persist that doctors recommend surgery.


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