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Electrolysis Columbus the Ultimate Solution to Eliminate

by albertcox

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Every person wishes to change the way he or she looks with the help of those thousands of gels and solutions that have been generated by the beauty and cosmetic world. In recent times unwanted hair is the chief reason for causing stress and low self esteem amongst women and men. Electrolysis is an awesome method that has been recognized by the world as the ultimate solution for removing those unwanted hair permanently from your skin. This is considered as the most efficient treatment that does not produce any kind of side effects, if performed by an Electrologist who are professionally trained. Basically there are three methods of electrolysis hair removal that are carefully designed for different types of hair and skin.

The three types of Electrolysis Columbus

There are three types of electrolysis treatments available for the residents of the beautiful city of Columbus. Electrolysis Columbus are offered by well qualified practitioners at varied cost, and therefore it is essential that you make a thorough research regarding the various types of treatments and choose the best that well suit your desires and budget as well.

• Thermolysis or the Short wave diathermy • Galvanic Direct Current electrolysis • The Blend

Thermolysis method : - The short wave diathermy or Thermolyssis is an awesome method that produces an alternating current flow at a low voltage and high frequency to apply on the hair follicles. Once the current treatment is given the water molecules present at the surrounding area of the hair follicles vibrates producing immense heat. This process will terminate the blood supply to the hair roots. The hair follicles become weak and are destroyed eventually.

The galvanic Direct Current electrolysis method : - During the Galvanic Direct Current electrolysis method the hair follicle is treated with a certain chemical reaction successfully. The Lye or Sodium Hydroxide used during the reactions terminates the supply of nourishment to the hair follicles cells that causes growth. Thus the unwanted hair will be destroyed permanently.

The Blend : - Now the Blend is a new extraordinary introduction made in the beauty industry that combines the entire benefits of both the Thermolysis and Galvanic Direct Current method in perfect proportion. If you have a severely damaged curly unwanted hair then the Blend is the most effective type that weakens and destroys hair follicles without any kind of discomfort.

It is very essential that you consult your Doctor for possibilities of any kind of health complications while treating the unwanted hair growth before enrolling yourself for the Electrolysis Columbus treatment. This method of unwanted hair removal has conquered millions of hearts around the globe because it is a permanent solution when compared to other options such as shaving and also helps the users to save their precious time and money.

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