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Top reasons why you should use Silex Micro-Framework

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This is the perfect time for new frameworks to evolve as developers are aware of its benefits and aggressively use it for their projects. The framework way of doing things has undoubtedly made the websites much easier to manage and a good framework makes a lot of difference to a customized work. The framework requirements for an e-commerce site are different from a site which is going to be a messaging platform or a directory. Different people meet different needs. This is why one need to really look into the matter and the features of different frameworks properly and decide about which will best suite their business requirements.

Nowadays, a large number of small and medium-sized businesses manage all their affairs with web applications. Web applications are accessible on all web browsers and hand-held devices like smart phones and tablets. With the birth of new technologies, it has become necessary and easy means to commute web applications that support business activities. Silex is a such a micro framework designed for PHP 5 and built on top of Symfony2 components. It provides an ideal environment for a simple, single file application. By installing and setting up Silex, one can create web applications with full dependency injection, templating and blending with other features that would expect of a modern day PHP framework would do.

There are two types of frameworks - full-stack framework and a micro framework, depending on how the application is build and how it is structured. Silex deals with specific code which is very less for building apps. Only small business apps can take more advantage of this new framework.

It was created by Fabien Potencier and Igor Wiedler. It creates wonder by building applications especially for smaller projects. It is easy setting up one can download the whole of it in one single file. Silex is small, modular and very easy and fun to program with. With the release of PHP 5.3, the language continues to evolve as a more secure server-side language, which customizes many modern web applications. Hosting environments are designed to help leverage PHP frameworks to accelerate the development process, with full support for model-view-controller (MVC) frameworks such as Symfony, Cake, Code Igniter and Silex.

PHP language continues to expand with its popularity, its object oriented focus with traits and easy syntax, helps in expanding its libraries to accelerate development and improving session security to safeguard data.

Top Reasons why to use Silex Framework:

  • Interoperable Features: It has interoperable features such as platform independence, window support, cloud support, NoSQL support.

  • Security Concern: One of the few basic advantages of using this framework includes the increase in security of the website. Web applications can be rendered on time and easy upgrading in the development process.

  • Structured Code: Provides a structured code run from one place rather than anywhere in the filesystem, potentially easier for others to pick up. (After the initial learning curve), it contains decent amount of pre-existing bundle rather than re-inventing the wheel.

  • Learning curve: One has to acclimatize with the behavior of the framework and its structure and understand the concept of a framework.

  • Performance: A light-weight framework performs better than heavy framework like Symphony2.

  • Planning: Planning things for the future is important. May be a light-weight framework like Silex will be enough for the time being but supporting the structure might become difficult in future. Need to plan how to use a framework in a constructive way.

  • Extensible: It deals with configuration files which leverage Service Providers to add basic functionality.

  • Easy to use: an application and a series of commands; you don't need anything more to get started.

  • Stable: It leverages the Dependency Injection Container Pimple and the Synfony2 Console Component; which makes it easy to test any application.

The PHP developers can develop robust applications within a very short time frame using a variety of frameworks like Symfony, Slim, Silex, Zend and Aiki. And each framework allows to avail a set of benefits including code reuse, better session management and database access libraries. Life will be more organized, more efficient and saner if one utilizes best of these php application development frameworks.

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