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Is Cloud Computing Community A Better Option?

by kalpeshkumar

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Cloud Computing

This is the latest business model where the computing servers and infrastructure are hosted by a vendor. Any permitted user throughout the world can access it and use the computing service. In general, the vendors would charge certain amount as a fee for providing the service to the companies. The pricing criteria might depend on time allowed, users allowed or transactions performed etc. There are some vendors who grant free access to the companies and individuals. They gain revenue through the advertisements.

Benefits of Cloud Computing

There are plenty of benefits with the cloud system to the customers as well as vendors. The following are some of the important uses.

To the customers

  • Highest quality of service
  • 24 X 7 expert support
  • Greater security
  • Highly cost effective
  • Robust performance
  • Highly dedicated servers

To the Vendors

  • Huge customer market
  • Highest revenue through fee
  • Additional revenue through advertisements
  • Best and sustainable market

Types of cloud computing models

If the cloud systems were to be classified based on the ownership and access levels they can be classified into three major types. They are

1.      Public Cloud Computing

2.      Cloud Computing Communityand

3.      Private Cloud Computing

The public cloud computing was usually owned by a vendor, but the access can be granted to many customers. The Cloud Computing Community is owned and managed by few companies under the same niche. The private cloud computing was relatively owned and managed for a company personally.

Pros of the Cloud computing community

  • Highly dedicated to a particular purpose
  • Highest levels of security
  • Sharing of costs with other companies
  • Lower costs than that of the private cloud
  • Quick availability of the servers
  • Enhanced speed an increased security

Limitations of the Cloud computing community

  • Higher costs when compared to the public cloud
  • Lower security when compared to the private cloud
  • Sensible security measures required as the business secrets might get revealed to other companies
  • Requirement of dedicated staff to monitor the server round the clock
  • Intense care on server maintenance

Things to be taken care of

Choosing the good companions in the community would result in fruitful results. The community should not compromise on the quality. Because, any minute fault in the server might incur huge losses to the business and ruin the reputation of the companies in the group.

Utmost attention is to be paid towards infrastructural arrangements to the servers. Surplus power back up is to be arranged and real time back up mechanisms is to be set up for ensuring the security of the data.

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