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Yoga - Is It An All Girls Club?

by BobPOberle

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The awkward positions made with yoga exercises and the fact that most yoga sessions largely comprise of women has sort of made it seem as though yoga is an all girls club. Some of the major excuses you'll hear men give for not practicing yoga is that it's too easy or hard, or it's just stretching and maybe even girly.

These are all just but excuses and misconceptions that society has instilled with no basis. Yoga is a good avenue for fitness and now even athletes are appreciating the effects of yoga in their sport. Well respected NFL players such as Troy Polamalu and Kevin Boss credit their improved performance to yoga, which indicates that the pro sports world is also recognizing yoga as beneficial in workout.

Yoga encompasses a lot more than the frilly stretches that most men assume dominates the practice and can be beneficial to you on many levels mainly on your physical, mental and spiritual state. In the army, yoga is not only being used for fitness purposes but for stress relief and in enhancing mental sharpness.

Why Men Need Yoga
There are many reasons as to why you may want to incorporate yoga into your lifestyle and while it may not seem like the manliest thing to do, your body and mind will thank you. Below are some of the major advantages of yoga for men.

1. Stress Management: Yoga can be a great stress reliever and in this day and age, we all need this kind of relief. Yoga can help you clear your mind and this is all thanks to meditation. Yoga helps you to focus and spend less time thinking about the things that you cannot control giving you an easier time handling stressful situations. Various studies support the role of yoga in stress reduction.

2. Body Fitness: Yoga is an effective workout tool and leads to improved flexibility, balance and core strength. The awkward poses in yoga workout the entire body and are a great addition to your regular workout. Because you push your body to unconventional positions, you get to strengthen different muscle groups which amplify your range of motion. You are able to gain more flexibility and this means that you will have fewer chances of injuries. Yoga highly utilizes the hands in performing various planking positions and this is quite beneficial in chiseling your upper body.

Separate the Myths from the Facts
Yoga has nothing to do with your gender and the perception that this is an all girls club is one that hinders many men from benefiting from the major benefits of yoga. The excuses also don't work and you don't need to be flexible to attend yoga sessions. If anything, it is yoga that teaches you how to be flexible. This is why there are different classes including the beginners' class. Yoga is not competitive and the effects of this practice will help you enjoy life better. This is because it helps you have a deeper understanding of your mental state, your body and its limits and deepens your spirituality as well.

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