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The Reason Why IT Experts Rate USB Drive as a Big Threat

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The thumb sized portable data storing device has become a fashionable accessory that is available in the market in different colors, shapes and designs. It is as small as a human thumb and it has the capability of storing data in gigabytes. Having these characteristics, still, the small portable data storing device are extremely affordable that it is quite often distributed at conventions conferences and other such festivals. The popularity of USB flash drives is based on the three qualities i.e. portability, affordability and capability to store huge amount of data. But, the IT security experts see this trend of increase in the usage of the USB memory stick as a beginning of a disaster.

Due to the small size of a couple inches, this portable drive has a few names such as thumb drive, jump drive, pen drive or flash drive. Being so small, it has the capability of storing data up to 64GB and even more. These USB flash drives have become so common that it is making IT security experts uncomfortable. The experts give their view as the more common this drive will get, the more it will be lost or stolen and will infect more computers. The small portable drives have become so popular that cyber criminals are using them as a medium to spread malicious programs so that they can achieve their target easily.

The USB flash drives do not only impose a threat to data in the shape of a medium of spreading malware, the bigger issue with these memory sticks is that these are very much prone to getting lost or stolen. Every thousand of such USB flash drives are lost, and the majority of them do not have much security measures. If the USB drive is equipped with software that cans Password Protect USB can helpful in making data secure. Data is a precious asset; it requires a proper security plan and policies, if the information gets leaked, it can make you suffer a heavy loss.

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