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How do I measure my SEO Results

by mike460

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The SEO campaign for any website is incomplete unless its outcome is not measured. How is your SEO Rochester responding to your business becomes extremely important. Though your SEO is not going to show results or deliver outcome in a day, but to see that how it is responding, it should be closely monitored.

Here we have listed some parameters which will help you in determining the success of your SEO campaign:

Traffic: The Website traffic is the most important factor based on which one could determine the success of a SEO Rochester campaign. Its increase or decrease could indicate, whether your SEO is a success or not. Since it’s more off a relative attribute, it’s better to set a baseline for it and then compare your traffic with respect to that. If your traffic rate was successful in achieving the baseline set, then you are going the right way.

Rankings : Your website or webpage rankings can be critical in deciding that how well your SEO Rochester is working especially if it is due increase in website traffic. It’s obvious that more the traffic, more audiences and more is its credibility. If a website is shared or used by a large number of users then in turn it increases the credibility factor of the website and this leads to high ranking on search engines.

Another thing is too much of fluctuations in rankings. Normally these fluctuations can happen due to the changes in search engine algorithms or even the performance of other websites could hamper the rankings. If the decrease in a page rank is marginal then there is nothing to worry about; but if it’s more, then there is a concern.

Indexing : SEO Rochester goal is to ensure that the all the pages of the website are getting indexed. First check that how many pages your website comprises and then compare it with the number pages getting indexed. It will determine that how strong your visibility is. Also, compare the total number of indexed pages to the previous statistics; it will determine how well your strategy worked.

Targeted keyword response: Targeted keywords or phrases are something which lays the foundation for SEO Rochester strategy. It’s important to determine how search engines are responding to your targeted keywords. Also, is the traffic driven to the website is due to the targeted keywords. Both these factors will help in determining that your SEO Strategy is in the right direction or not.

Social media coverage: It’s all about like and share in social media. Malorie Lucich, facebook Spokesperson, once said “People share, read and generally engage more with any type of content when it’s surfaced through friends and people they know and trust”. This means that engaging with your target audience is possible to every marketer willing to invest their time in social media. So more sharing, more liking increases audience and your PR’s as well. Successful social networking Rochester is something that is going to gain you loyal customers by building up a high-profile social media presence.

Link building: Is your content being linked and cited in high ranking sites?

Because if this is happening it’s surely increasing your credibility and it conveys to the search engines that your website has a content which is worth seeing.

Conversion : The purpose of any website is to sell their product. It could be buying from a website, requesting for a quote, contact us form filling, feedbacks or even testimonials. Anything that fulfills the purpose of the web page determines the conversion of traffic to real time users or customers. The conversion of your traffic into your customers determines how well your SEO strategy is working.

In a nutshell if you are receiving your return-on-investment, then it’s a clear indication that you have your SEO strategy going the right way.

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