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Energy Bars: Let the body grow

by rogerG

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(, UK), 17th august 2013: Energy bars are substitute energy providers for a continued growth in health. Energy bars are well supplemented with cereals and high energy foods mainly targeted at individuals who require quick energy for endurance training or body building. Energy bars are different from energy drinks which are filled wih caffeine while the energy bars are basic food energy providers. Energy bars are intended to improve the overall body energy by stimulating the part of central nervous system. These bars come in precise quantity with the accurate provision of energy providing substances. The energy bars contain ample amount of protein, fat and carbohydrates.
Energy Bars are basically used by body builders & athletes. An energy bar is an effective snack food which consists of complex protein, fiber, vitamins and minerals while the primary source for energy bars come from milk.
Energy bars are consumable during a pre-event so as to ensure provision of sufficient levels of liver glycogen and muscle for an effective stabilizing and maintaining of sugar levels in blood and also helps in maximizing recovery. Energy bars can be eaten to provide energy as a substitute for a skipped meal.
Energy bars are of two types.

1)      Balanced: The balanced energy group contains mix of balanced nutrients which reflects the 40-30-30 diet culture. The Balanced bars contain 40 % of the calories which comes from carbohydrates while the rest part of the calories is equally divided between fat & protein.

2)      High Carbo: Maximum of energy bars are categorized under this group due to presence of high count of carbohydrates. High carbo energy bars are of superior source due to high contents and are usually preferred by body builders during pre-workout session.

Energy bars are exactly like food and helps in supplying physical energy for the body. Consumption of Energy bars are considered safe and help in providing body nutrition.

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