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Importance of Industrial Keyboards and Uses in Health care

by ctielectronics

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Keyboards used in harsh and critical industrial environments need to be more robust and durable than those used in office or at home. Industrial keyboards are specially designed to resist dust, dirt, moisture and are illuminated and waterproof. These keyboards are also resistant to shock, vibration, extreme temperature, humidity and so on. Keyboards for harshest environments like emergency services, process control, mobile computing, oil and gas industry are available in various forms with different specifications. There are OEM, panel mount, plug-and-pay, rackmount, backlight and medical keyboards available in markets that offer unmatched reliability and durability.

Some of the common features of industrial keyboards are:

Stainless steel enclosure available

Molded silicone rubber

Excellent tactile feel

Back lighting option

Repairable design

Combatable with all computers

Syn-Proof™ coating that resists most oils and harsh chemicals

Optional Parylene® coating available

Typical applications of industrial keyboards

Keyboards used in medical environments have been found as the most susceptible source for cross contaminations. However, industrial keyboards are effectively preventing and controlling cross contamination to a large extent. These keyboards have been highly recognized and accepted in harsh, wet and infectious health care environments and in cleanrooms. Presently, medical grade industrial keyboards are vastly replacing conventional computer keywords in many medical and cleanroom applications.

Medical grade keyboards are easy to wipe and clean. However, the frequent cleaning or sterilizing will not affect their functionality. These keyboards can be sterilized using industry certified solutions and chemicals. This prevents the resting of infectious pathogens and microbes in between the keyboard keys. Medical grade keyboards also feature a white silicone boot and white enclosure to helps users to easily detect contaminants on the keyboard. There are many numbers of renowned manufacturers who design and manufacture medical keyboards of different sizes, shape, specification and pricing.

Many keyboard manufacturers fabricate industrial computer keyboards with the following specifications.

MTBF (Mean Time between Failures):Electronics is greater than 100,000 hours

Operating Temperature: -40º to 80º C

Storage Temperature: -40º to 80º C

Shock rating:Â Â 50g 11msec. half sine, three axes

Vibration:Â Â Â 10-55 Hz@ 0.013 DA

Elastomer keys:Rated for up to 10 million cycles

Contact Keys: "Hard" gold plated switch contacts. A minimum of 30 to 50 micro inches of Gold over 100 micro inches of Nickel over Copper on switch contacts. A minimum of 30 to 50 micro inches of Gold over 100 micro inches of Nickel over Copper on switch contacts is used.

There are renowned manufacturers who help customers by designing and manufacturing specialized medical keyboards according to their personal preference and project requirements. As per custom orders, manufacturers make keyboards in varied colors, shapes, sizes, stainless steel enclosure, backlighting option, protective coating and so on. Custom designs are also available in French (AZERTY), Spanish (QWERTY), or German (QWERTZ) legends.

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