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5 questions to ask yourself before buying cheap ball gowns

by anonymous

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The day is approaching really fast! It means the deadline to look for ball gowns is almost here! Let’s make your partner feel proud taking you to his friend’s party!

With or without sleeves?

Again, does woman need to ask for this? Absolutely yes! When choosing ball gowns, it is necessary that you know your size well. Long sleeve ball gowns are for those who see their arms a little bit intimidating when exposed. But you don’t have to cover up those arms too tight and make them look even bigger. Lacey transparent sleeves may disguise your arms parts beautifully.

Long dress or short dress?

When was the last time you check out the season? It’s summer but that doesn’t mean the wind is not going to blow your gown. Knee length dress is the safest dress you can wear when you don’t know how the party is going to be like. When your partner is sure that the party is somewhere outdoor, then you can take out that floor length empire dress from your cupboard.

Classy or sassy?

Black is timelessly classic. For vintage ball gowns, then black dress is a must have item. Animal printed is not a good choice to dress classic. Since when does classic involve animal? All you hear is wild and something about pole dancing when it comes to animal pattern. Looking sassy requires plait dresses or chiffon material bustier with pastels colors. Nothing can go wrong with soft tones. When you pick a classic model, you can actually wear them more than once. By all mean, nobody will remember the gown you wore last year as you put your new heels on.

Sheer or covered up?

As mentioned before, you have to know which part of your body that needs to be covered and which part that needs to be shown off. If you are a plus size lady, that doesn’t mean you cover your whole body like a taco. Sheer gown is beautiful for plus size woman. Pick a gown that’s floor length.

Cheap or expensive?

This is a sensitive question though. Seriously, dressing up fabulously never requires you to swipe your credit card up to the limit. There are countless cheap ball gowns out there. If you haven’t found them, maybe you are not looking at the right directory!


Down to earth and beyond!

Pick a dress that when you wear it, you feel stunning but still realizing that you are a guest. Being down to earth is necessary in gown picking. It may tame your celebrity-wannabe side so you won’t be looking too trashy instead of elegant.

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