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Crunching the Numbers with your Bethesda Roofing Contractor

by kristopherdiss

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Planning the construction of your home or attempting to remodel it is a massive undertaking. There are so many variables to consider, even when you're looking at the blueprints. Naturally, the more intricate the architectural design, the higher the final cost will be.

The roof is one of the defining features of the home. The architectural styles are numerous and certain designs will further challenge the building contractor. If the work involves setting up a fresh roof or replacing it, there are ways to estimate how much material you'll need. A Bethesda roofing contractor can help you through the entire process.

Each roof is composed of several planes. Start by measuring the length and width of each plane, then multiply the area. Repeat the same for the rest of the planes, then add their individual area values. Afterwards, divide the total footage by 100 to determine how many squares of shingles, but add 10% to account for possible wastage – 15% if your roof has some valleys, because some shingles will have to be cut to fill the space.

Calculating the square footage for the underlayment is not that different from shingle estimation. Measure each plane's length and width and add up the total area for all planes. As with estimating the number of shingles, divide that total by 100 to get the number of squares. Take note that No 15 underlayment is used in residential roofing options; a single roll will cover four squares. Regarding the layers you'll need, a roof with slope ratios between 3:12 to 4:12 will need two layers while roofs that are 4:12 and above only need one.

Everything Else
The size of the drip edge will require measurements of the rakes and eaves. Talk to your nearby hardware store about the size of the nails you'll need to drive 3/4” into the roof and how many pounds worth of them you have to buy. It is estimated that a square will need 320 nails while roofs that face high winds need 480 nails a square -or six nails per shingle.

Designing the roof with help from Bethesda roofing specialists requires simple math to figure how much roofing material you'll need. It is best to always allow for some excess so you can have reserve material in case the project has some problems. To learn more, check out

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