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Getting Septic Systems Raleigh

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Septic and leach fields are common sewage disposal systems for mountain homes. They collect and process sewage waste from the house and contain harmful viruses and bacteria. They have limitations and some care is required not to flush certain products and chemicals down the toilet. Those buying a home that uses a septic system should have it thoroughly checked out by a professional. Properly designed and maintained septic systems Raleigh do a fine job and cost less than the fees for being hooked up to a municipal sewage system. There is specific information the purchasers need to understand when contemplating the purchase of a home on a septic system.


The important issues with septic systems are that they have been properly built and then maintained. Newer homes are more likely to be built to more rigid standards. Check the owner’s maintenance records to determine the owner has a previous track record in monitoring the septic system. If maintenance can’t be documented, have someone check out the current condition of the septic system. Septic tanks that have allowed contamination to enter the leach field may not work properly and will need to be replaced. Scum and sludge markings on inside of the septic tank can indicate if sludge or scum were allowed to flow into the leach field, but time can hide the evidence.  A more preferable way to dispose of sewage is through a community sewage treatment system. However, sewer lines are not necessarily problem free. For instance, the telephone company accidentally dropped a few boulders in a manhole while burying their lines. The sewage from the entire development uphill from me emptied into my basement.


The problem was compounded because nobody from the sewer district was available to remedy it over the weekend. A week later, the line was cleared, but many of my valuables were ruined. Although many towns adequately manage the sewage disposal system, there are some smaller sewage districts that do not. Be sure to check them out before purchasing property. Septic systems Raleigh are a huge problem, especially in rural areas, where no storm sewer systems exist. According to EPA, approximately one in four American homes is on a septic system. Septic systems have a failure rate of 5% to 35%, depending on soil conditions and other factors. EPA estimates that the average life span of a septic system is 20 years, yet the average age of septic systems in the area was about 27 years. Wastewater treatment is the process of improving the quality of wastewater. Wastewaters include septic tank effluent, pond effluents, secondary effluents and primary effluent from overloaded or poorly controlled systems. Municipal systems may serve hundreds of residential, commercial, and industrial properties, while on -site systems may serve a single home. Wastewater treatments typically consist of primary, secondary, and tertiary treatment.


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