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Nepal Tour – A Staircase to Heaven

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Nepal is a beautiful country which is beautifully bounded by the lofty Himalayans. This country is lovingly called as kingdom of Himalayans. Nepal is a landlocked country by Tibet in the North East, Bhutan in East, China in the North and India in the south, east and west.  This is one of the most sought after tourist destination in Asia which entices the tourist from all over the globe. The rich heritage and the beautiful golden history of this country is truly which can be explored as you travel to Nepal. This beautiful country is one of the most sought after tourist destination and is lovingly called as the land of assortments. The colorful culture, rich heritage and ancient history truly are enticing and very tempting. Truly this beautiful country offer the visitor super blend of architecture and adventure along with culture and heritage.


Some of the major tourist attractions in this country which are very worth to visit with any Nepal Tour Packages are as listed below:


Kathmandu Durbar square: The numerous old monuments are speckled in this square which truly enhances the beauty tourism in Nepal. This square in Kathmandu is one of the most sought after tourist attractions in the capital city of Nepal. The splendid temples, elegant palaces and the fortress have till date preserved the olden culture, literature and fascinating art of this country. Truly your visit to Nepal would be marked incomplete without visiting this Durbar Square. The beautiful valley here is wonder and not to avoid attractions as you visit this square.


Pashupati Nath Temple: This country is known for its rich heritage and culture, Nepal is speckled with some marvelous temples which are very worth to visit and explore. Pashupati Nath temple is one of the best attractions in the country where the visitors and the pilgrims visit in intense number. This temple is one of the most beautiful temples and is considered as one of the sacred temples fro Hindu. This renowned temple dates back over 1500 years.         This temple is dedicated to Lord Shiva and the actual meaning of Pashupati is the creator of all the creatures. The temple is built in the Pagoda style and its marvel architect is truly very worth to explore. This temple has door from all the four sides which are made up of gold. This temple is situated in Kathmandu and is also listed in the list of UNESCO World Heritage Sites. Truly this temple is one of the most famous Hindu temples in entire world which must be explored with your Nepal Holiday Packages.


Trekking: Nepal is heaven for the trek and adventure lovers. People from all over the world come to this beautiful country due to its attractive trekking routes and many marvelous adventure sites. The great Himalayan Mountains truly offers visitors great tourist places which boast the tourism in Nepal. This gorgeous and verdant Himalayan Mountain also offers some best places in the world for trekking tourism. Some of the most important tourism is as Annapurna Region, Everest Region and Katmandu Valley Region. Trekking in this country with any Nepal package tour is sure to elate the visitor heart.


Nepal is home to eight out of ten highest mountains in the world and is one of the major tourist spot in the entire world. Visit to Nepal and feel like a home away from home.



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