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Work with the Best: How to Find a Reliable Carpenter in Cinc

by leeannedyson

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The real estate market in Cincinnati seems to be showing some promise recently, and sales have jumped last May from a year ago. While these improving figures could mean that more homes will be sold, they also suggest that now is a good time to engage in home renovation projects if you plan to sell your home. This obviously requires the assistance of a reliable carpenter from Cincinnati, whom you can find by following these simple tips:


Ask for Referrals

Ask your family and friends if they have had any construction projects recently and if they can recommend you to one particular home repair company. List down as many names as possible so you can expand your pool of potential contractors. The Internet is also rife with blogs and forums which mention previous experiences of working with professional carpenters; some of whom may already be on your list.


See if They're Legit

When it comes to credibility, don't always trust a carpenter's word on it. Check with your local business office to see if any of the companies on your list is licensed and registered to operate in your neighborhood. Also check with the Better Business Bureau (BBB), which has a database of all certified home contractors in your area.


Get Samples

Before you commit to a company, make sure that you get a sample of their work by asking for pictures of a project they previously worked on which had the same concerns as yours. The same quality and workmanship must be exhibited on your own home. If a company specializes in bathroom repair in Cincinnati, for instance, you must take note of their choice of tiles, how these will be laid out and how long will the work take.


Have a Written Contract

This is not only a way to formalize the deal, but also to provide you with a legal document in case a problem arises in the middle of the project. The contract must also contain information about its estimated cost and time frame. As always, you must insist on having a written copy of this contract.


Perhaps, it is best to strike while the iron is hot now, while Cincinnati is becoming a good place to invest in homes again. More important, hire a reliable carpenter who's worth this big investment. For more information about finding reliable construction contractors, visit

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