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Rock the jungle theme with stylish animal hoodies

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During cold weather, wearing an animal hood can ensure that you keep warm and look uniquely stylish. Animal hoodies are loved by many people simply because they are different and as such very eye-catchy – no one will fail to notice you when you are wearing such a hoodie. Again, there are several options to choose from when buying these hoodies and these are all based on different animals. You will therefore find a hoodie based on a grizzly bear, a husky wolf, a panda, lion, polar bear, leopards, and so on.

Many people love wearing animal hoodies during the winter season as these garments are really effective in helping one to keep warm. The best types of such hoodies will keep you warm because they are made using 100% faux fur. The inner part of these garments features a pure stain polyester lining thus adding to warmth efficiency and enhancing the wearer’s comfort. Animal hoods are available in different sizes and therefore adults, teens and kids, both male and female, will have no problem finding a suitable fit.

Perhaps it is worth knowing a little more about faux fur; the word ‘faux’ is French for ‘not real’. A faux fur garment is therefore not made using real animal fur. The fabric used comprises of polymeric fibers which have been processed and dyed, and a base of wool or cotton. It is from this fabric that various fur lookalikes are cut with regards to their particular colors and textures. Faux fur fabric is therefore a most suitable alternative for real fur because the latter can only be obtained after the hunting and slaughter of animals. You should therefore not have any reservations about wearing faux fur because no animal was killed so that your hoodie could be made.

Animal hoodies made from faux fur are also so much more affordable than those made using genuine furs. Additionally, the best of faux fur hoodies look so similar to the real thing that many people will have a hard time distinguishing between the two. These garments are also really easy to maintain and clean. Given its artificial nature, faux fur cannot be damaged through exposure to cold winter temperatures. Damage by moths and other insects should also be the least of your worries considering this fabric’s insect-resistant qualities. Washing can be done at home by hand but not using warm water as this will impair the fur’s capacity to provide adequate warmth. Dry cleaning is also ideal.

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