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Online University Degree:The Importance of a College Degree

by studyabroad

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How important is it to earn a traditional or online university degree?  This is a question heard by many parents this time of year as their children prepare to leave high school, and while many pundits will argue that a college degree makes little difference in the “overall scheme of life,” the statistics on this subject seem to prove otherwise.  The truth is that a college degree has never been more important or more valuable than it is right now.  In this ever-evolving global economy, where rapid advancements in technology and science are the norm, an online university degree can help ensure that students will be armed with the requisite knowledge and skills to compete in a very competitive world.

Online University Degree:  Career Outlook and Financial Benefits

In prior generations, when our economy was much more manufacturing-based, a college degree was not entirely necessary to secure one of the higher-paying jobs.  People could start at the ground floor of one of these manufacturing companies and gradually work their way up the “seniority ladder” to bring home a fairly nice paycheck each month.  Fast-forward to today’s economy, however—a knowledge and technology-based economy—and a college degree is an absolute necessity, providing many more employment opportunities and higher-paying jobs.

An online university degree is a gateway to a world of opportunity and financial security.  Statistics show that those who earn a college degree will earn an average of $600,000 to $1 million dollars more over their lifetimes than those without one.  Additionally, the careers with the best outlook for employment, including careers in fields such as technology, engineering, mathematics, science, finance, business, education, law and medicine are also the most lucrative and promising opportunities in today’s society—and all of them require a college degree.

Online University Degree:  The Other Benefits

While most people would probably admit that their decision to pursue an online university degree was primarily career and financially-motivated, there are a number of secondary benefits that also bear mentioning.  Studying for an online university degree will introduce students to the world of books, knowledge and ideas.  It will give them the opportunity to learn from some of the most renowned experts in various fields of study.  It provides the stimulation to think as well as to explore and challenge new ideas.  An online university degree program will help provide the additional growth and development students will need to take the knowledge they have gained and apply it in their respective careers.

College is a fantastic way to expand your knowledge base and certainly the most ideal method for securing a high-paying job in an exciting field, but there is one more benefit that also deserves mentioning:  the people.  Any college program, whether traditional or an online university degree, will give students the opportunity to make lifelong connections with the people they encounter in their studies.  These resources, whether they’re instructors or fellow students, will perhaps turn out to be the most valuable aspect of their college experience—people they can work and collaborate with to truly make a difference in this ever-changing world.


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