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Do not Forget oral health in summer

by anonymous

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Summer is the season of rampant viruses and bacteria, it is easy impatient, coupled with changes in diet, work and study stress, accelerated pace of life,ultrasonic scalers,irregular work and rest and other causes decreased immunity, oral problems have cropped up, many oral diseases such as gingivitis, oral ulcers and dental caries uptrend. So the summer must build good oral care habits.


1. Attention to oral hygiene


Summer high temperatures, some people eat spicy food, poor oral hygiene, easily lead to a large number of plaque tooth surface, the passage of time becomes tartar. If the tooth surface plaque, tartar, not any timely elimination, may cause gingivitis, periodontitis and a series of diseases. Appears plaque, tartar, etc., should go to regular hospital cleaning the mouth, is known as "scaling." This approach to the protection of oral hygiene,dental scaler,prevention of periodontal disease is very important.


2 good eating habits


Summer food Enthusiasm, in particular, should eat less spicy food and fried food, reduce irritation to the gums; smoked foods will directly stimulate periodontal mucosa to congestion, edema, but also should Eat; eat fresh vegetables and fruits and other foods Xiehuo Qingwei, proper detoxification drink green tea, chrysanthemum tea and green bean soup; reducing the number of times to eat sugary foods to avoid bacteria use sugar remains in the mouth erosion of teeth, causing dental caries; drinking carbonated drinks such as orange juice or gargle with water after the need for timely, wherein the acidic substance to avoid damage to dental hard tissue.COXO® Dental Cartridge KAVO Compatible KAVO659B


3 Love Teeth dental care


Strengthen the protection of the teeth, such as the timely removal of residual crown and root, repair tooth decay, tooth periodically removed the stone,dental headlight,etc.; fitted dentures should always cleaned after every meal should clean off the denture and rinse with water or salt mouth; herpes occur after the use of a disinfectant mouthwash, less than 5 times a day. Of course, the more fundamental measure is to arrange their own daylight saving lives, work and rest, rest there often, Eat cold, attention to nutrition, can improve the body's resistance to disease

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