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Pugmarks and the Imprints Our Cat Creates in Our Lives

by richardparker

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In fact, childhood is always about cats and dogs. Be it the all-time favourite Tom and Jerry cartoon or Garfield’s soft toys or the friendly neighbour’s cuddly pussy cat.


Although kids love dogs as well, but dogs are a little huge and hence kids often find them to be taller. Hence the cat is one of the most favourite pet nowadays. It is cuddly, loves to sleep on your lap, will roam around the house in a no non sense attitude and also a cat is very easy to train. You don’t need to chain it to keep it under control, as cats are silent and mellow creatures by nature.


However having a cat at home is a big responsibility. You need to take care of it all the time. The cats require tuarine in their food which they get from their meat. Hence a daily dose of meat is an essential requirement and an added responsibility of the cat owner. But once you decide to bring a cat to your home, the lovable kitty will make it feel like it’s not an effort at all; in fact it’s all pleasure.


Cats have an instinctive habit of scratching. They scratch their paws regularly with anything they can lay their paws on. Be it your expensive teakwood furniture, or you newly furnished marble floor. Fret not, because there is a solution to this problem as well. Available in the market is a wide range of cat furniture condo. The cat condo is a cat house just like your dog has a dog house. It is built using wood so that your cat can scratch its paws on her own house. Also it has various luxuries for your cat. It has ladders for the cat to climb up and down, a hammock, for the cat to rest on, with tunnels and inbuilt scratcher to help satiate the cat’s natural instincts


The cat condos are the best solutions for your little kitty. And with the leading cat condo websites offering free home delivery, you are in a win-win situation.


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