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Explore a lot of amusements at Addis Ababa

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Addis Ababa is a varied city of around 3 million residents, about 80 diverse ethnic groups and an array of language and religious communities that form its multi-colored populace. In addition, this sprawling city presents a fascinating blend of urban advancements and natural gems, prosperity and deficiency. Although Addis Ababa is an effervescent and vibrant capital, there is significant redundancy, delinquency and indigence. Nevertheless, it is an interesting tourist spot with a lot to explore, so do not miss the chance to delve into its enchanting trinkets.
Let’s discover several popular and must visit charms in the city…

It is famous for being the biggest outdoor market in the whole of Africa in addition to a lively and colorful site of the city. You would find camel dealers, spice traders, tailors, tinkers and vendors of almost all probable commodities here. Beyond doubts, this is an exciting spot to explore and a wonderful venue for buying souvenirs. With sellers shouting, animals strolling around boulevards, stimulating aroma of native foods and an insurgence of vibrations and tints, visitors would certainly treasure visiting Mercato as an unforgettable feel. However, be a little cautious as you may encounter a few people who are skilled in the act of pick-pocketing. One more striking thing about this market is bargaining. Feel free to bargain hard because costs of items vary greatly and are quite flexible. Also be watchful while buying historic objects and antiques because in lack of a certificate, these articles might be taken away on the airport.

Ethiopian National Museum
Ethiopian National Museum is an impressive and superlative museum of not only Addis Ababa but also the world and really a hidden gem. It features an assorted variety of displays that cover vast gamut of Ethiopian olden times. The replica of Lucy is one of the most sought and acclaimed exhibits here. Aged more than 3 million years, it is arguably the hoariest hominid discovered ever. Aside from this, there are plenty of other captivating artifacts to explore. Since the civilization of Ethiopia is among the planet’s most ancient ones, objects in this museum are thousands of years old. Tourists can see a stunning collection of contemporary and traditional arts, sculptures, clothing and prominent Ethiopian artworks from Tana Monasteries, Lalibella and Aksum along with the ruins from the rule of Haile Selassie.

St George’s Cathedral
It was constructed for commemorating the triumph of Ethiopia over the Italians. It’s a circular structure with outer walls covered in brilliant mosaics and artworks. Interior is exquisitely decked with spectacular mosaics together with enormous paintings and gorgeous stained glass windows add to the graceful holy ambience. It also features a small museum and worth seeing on your excursion to Addis Ababa. It would be greater to take a tour of the Cathedral with a guide so as to make the most of sightseeing.

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