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More on Pedestrian Accidents and Pedestrian Accident Lawyer

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There are different types of pedestrian accidents and if anyone is injured then hire the lawyer.

Pedestrian accidents are rare in rural areas; however, they become more of a concern as the area develops. If anyone suffered an injury then hire the pedestrian accident lawyer Riverside. In congested areas, especially near special events or tourist attractions the interaction between pedestrians and vehicles can be high. While minimal information exists on pedestrian accidents on rural two-lane highways, the knowledge available on pedestrian accidents on other facilities can provide insight into appropriate countermeasures. In 1997, more than 5,300 pedestrians were killed and 770 injured. Most of the accidents occurred at locations other than intersections. Characteristics of interest for pedestrian crashes include pedestrian age and sex, alcohol impairment time-related factors, roadway environment, and others. The understanding of such characteristics is useful for selecting roadway or geometric improvements for pedestrians. It should also be remembered that pedestrian exposure (i.e., miles of walking along streets or numbers of times crossing wide or dangerous streets) is not accounted for in any of these statistics. Little data on pedestrian exposure exist, because it is difficult and costly to collect pedestrian data for a large sample of sites. The amount of walking is relatively unknown and may vary widely by age groups.

Pedestrian crashes have been classified by specific types based on studies conducted in the 1970s. Some of the most common crash types include dart-out-first-half (i.e., pedestrian is struck in the first half of the street being crossed 24%; dart-out-second half 10 %; intersection dash 13%; turning vehicle accidents 5%; and midblock dart 8%. Several studies in the 1970s were conducted to suggest possible countermeasures for the predominant pedestrian accident types. Based on these studies, a matrix of roadway-related countermeasures was developed for various pedestrian accident types. For example, candidate countermeasures to reduce "Walking on Roadway” pedestrian accidents include roadway/sidewalk barriers, street lighting and retro- reflective materials (for nighttime accident problems), the addition of a sidewalk or pathway, and signs and markings.

First, information is intended only as a general “shopping list” of countermeasures that was based on the subjective judgments of researchers and is not based on formal accident evaluations of countermeasures. The effect of any roadway treatments for pedestrians is very much dependent on traffic conditions, pedestrian mix and volume, street width, existing traffic controls, sight distance, accident patterns, level of enforcement, and other factors . Therefore, highway agencies should avoid blanket installation of any roadway treatment but should “tailor fit" the most appropriate safety measure(s) to suit the site condition. A pedestrian accident lawyer Riverside could help the person who is injured or suffered injury and get his or her compensation.

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