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Android - The Best Platform for Building Office and Business

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Android is the growing to be the smartest and most popular mobile OS. Recently it has also been reported that every smart phone manufacturer is introducing an Android version of their devices since the advantages of using this open-source platform are huge. Increasing usage statistics and the high sales of non-IOS phones prove that android apps are very effective and productive for any kind of business, who wants to reach out to a wider segment of the audience.

Android apps are richer business applications which run effectively on different smart phones. Business people can also get custom made finance apps to manage their business finances and also roll it out to their employees. This technology has evolved and grown to such a high level that Android does not just have a prominent place in the mobile OS domain, but even gives a tough competition to Apple's iOS as well.

Here are some facilities that one gets with android business applications:

  • Image upload
  • File management and sharing
  • Import and export different documents in a synchronized manner
  • Ability to transform images into PDF format
  • E-mailing options
  • Share files with Gmail
  • Easily edit and modify office documents
  • Store files and documents in Google drive
  • Prepare presentations and documents
This platform offers great flexibility to the developers in creating amazing new applications. The apps are fun to use, OS is lightweight and thus people who start using Android will most probably stay and now keep switching OS. Developing applications for this OS creates numerous opportunities, without incurring license expenses. Modification programs are freely available, which will further cut down the development costs. Businesses gain significantly from investing in app development using this OS. Let us take a closer look how.

1. Large earnings with low budget
It is extremely affordable to invest in an Open source Google OS based apps. Besides, one can get an experienced Android application developer at cost effective rates, thanks to the widespread use of Google mobile Operating system. Also, the OS comes with no licensing charges and one can develop advanced applications with minimum outlay. Loads of innovative applications are now being made with Android, used by millions of gadgets across the world.

2. Advanced integration
Android application development is ideal for all kinds of inter-application integration. The technology is perfect for any snugly knit connection between different software applications. Loads of developers have been using Google OS to innovate applications.

3. Better syndication
A lot of techniques are applied when it comes to developing Android based applications. With this, it is possible to disperse different kinds of retailers using syndication programs. For instance, clients can use various Google apps to personalize offers and advertise products or services. There are so many solutions revolving around Google OS, helping develop advanced apps.

Many business applications are built using Java and Android SDK. Since the OS is based on the Linux operating system, one can be rest assured of the fact that the business applications will be highly stable and secure. Also the rich libraries in android SDK help application developers to build fully featured and highly functional android enterprise applications. The custom app development platform is so dynamic in nature that the business applications developed are 100% scalable to meet future business requirements.

Android business applications are also known for their flexibility to integrate with third party applications. This further improves the application functionalities and features. Business owners can easily streamline day to day document and file management tasks in a matter of few seconds. The interface of these applications is also simply amazing allowing owners to toggle between various features.

There are many mobile application development companies which offer affordable android office/business app development solutions.

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