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Bulk Plant Industrial Remote Emergency Shutdown System

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Wireless industrial remote controls have made the thing very easy nowadays. With the help of remote control now you can do loads of heavy work with the simple push of a button. It’s really amazing that a simple remote control can move a huge machine very easily. The remote control gives signal to the receiver, and it controls the work system. Now a wide range of options are available in this concept as there are different types of machines that have a different working mechanism.

In industrial segment, bulk plant wireless industrial remote emergency shutdown system is really popular these days. Wireless E-stop systems are specially manufactured to eliminate costly hard wiring of fixed location emergency stop switches.

However, any number of wireless remote E-stop switches can be installed within the plant facility and communicate with one receiver and controller unit. This industrial radio remote control will work in conjunction with existing, hard wired, manual E-stop switches and plant safety controls. Now operator worn E-stop remotes can also be added to these systems.

Emergency stop transmitter has some important features that include:

• The system has low powered, intrinsically safe devices suitable for use in hazardous environments

• All systems are CSA, CE and FCC approved

• Actually by pressing the emergency stop button causes the receiver and controller unit to trigger a plant shutdown. The system cannot be rebooted until the E-stop button is pulled out and a manual receiver and controller reset are performed

• Now E-stop buttons are dual contact. Dual channel and comply with global E-stop switch requirements

• The system will fail safe, triggering an automatic E-stop with any loss of main line electrical power supply to the receiver and controller unit.
Now there are different models of wireless E-stop systems that are required for industrial sector.

Model ASKFAX20- Ac:

The fixed frequency remote E-stop switch operates at 433MHz using two double “A” batteries. Now the transmitter is energized only when E-stop switch is activated. Battery test button shows a low battery flashing LED on the E-stop switch as well as on the receiver and controller unit. The operating range is up to 1000ft. Now the daily E-stop transmitter battery tests and scheduled battery replacement intervals are strongly recommended. The E-stop transmitters and receiver and controller shit down will not operate when the remote E-stop transmitter batteries are exhausted.

Model DSSF 100 Ac:

There is another model of wireless E-stop system. Now the direct spectrum remote E-stop switch operated at 2.4GHz using a rechargeable battery pack. The E-stop switch and receiver and controller are connected via safe link- continuous monitoring features are exclusive.

Now any loss of signal connection between the remote E-stop switch and receiver and controller results in an automatic E-stop transmitters have an operating range of up to two miles. Now transmitters must be connected to a backup power supply as the battery pack will operate for only seven days. Backup power can be 12/24VDC, 120/240VAC and solar powered where practical.

BASE Engineering designs excellent industrial remote control system for different engineering and commercial purposes. Since 1996 over 50,000 BASE systems have been employed around the globe to increase job safety and productivity. As a result of this design effort we have the confidence to offer
a four year, no hassle, and replacement warranty on every product of industrial remote control system we manufacture.

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